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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: Happy at how the battle has gone thus far but determined to finish things before a true catastrophe can occur, you issue your strategy to your team. Luckily for you, the Durant act perfectly for your plan; between their lingering confusion and general indecisiveness about whether to attack or flee, the ants stay stationary, chittering with a slight edge of panic in their tone. Gerrold the Swinub, with an expression of glee, takes the opportunity to exhale a deep breath of Powder Snow at the Durant who'd spent so much time tormenting him. The icy blast knocks the ant backwards, clipping the tracks to flip up in the air and land in a heap near his fallen comrade. Though still conscious, the Durant doesn't even try to stand. Time will tell if it can. Focused as well on this ant, Boudicca starts to ready an Earth Power, but hesitates, remembering the damage it did to the earth the previous time. This close to the tracks, that just might not be the best idea.

At the same time, Odysseus stares intently at Logi, analyzing the small Fire-type. A moment later, it begins rotating its magnets, slow at first but quicker each passing instance. The air around you faintly increases in temperature as Odysseus successfully Mimics the effects if not execution of Logi's Heat Wave. Weak as the first try is, however, none of the Durant are really harmed though it does makes them uncomfortably hot. What does harm them, though, is the blade of rapid Air Cutting down from Atalanta's position. With their metal armor, the attack isn't as effective as you could hope, but it definitely succeeds in one thing: making up the Durants' minds. Together, the two former saboteurs take one last look at their immobile comrades before bolting to their scrap pile, grapping as much iron as they can while fleeing. Chased by another Air Cutter, a blast of Powder Snow, and a crackling line of Earth Power, the two ants race away from your team, diving down a small hole you failed to notice when you first arrived on scene. Unsure if they should pursue or not, your team idles, awaiting orders while keeping an eye on the two abandoned Durant.

Boudicca gained 5 levels!
Logi gained 4 levels!
Atalanta gained 4 levels!
Odysseus gained 3 levels!

"Dammit," Jim mutters at your side. "Those bastards got away with most of the metal." Ignoring the remaining ants - as little threats they are - he runs over to inspect the mauled section of track. You follow, seeing the damage for yourself. Though nothing near what it could have been, as you approach you can see at least four long stretches and a couple smaller ones in the track where the metal is gone, gnawed or cut away in a mix of clean swipes and jagged tears. The pile of slightly rusty metal that used to be these sections is considerably smaller, enough taken that you'd need some new metal to repair all the breaks.

As you inspect this pile, Jim sidles up alongside you, crouching down and shifting the pile around to see what might be reusable. Based on his grimace, there not as much as he'd hoped. After a pause he stands, sighing as he runs a hand through his short, shaggy hair. "Yeah, damn, we're going to have to get whole new track here to fix this." Shaking his head, he sighs again, looking down at the pile before side-eying you. With an oddly knowing expression, he bends down once more, taking a few of the smaller pieces out of the pile and sliding them towards you. "Here, take these. I don't really have anything to give you, but these bits aren't worth recasting and you definitely earned something. This," he says motioning vaguely to the track or what's left of it, "might not be exactly good, but it's so much better than it could've been if we hadn't caught it when we did." At your feet lie two roughly Ball shaped pieces of Iron and enough smaller, amorphous chunks to fetch maybe $400 if you pawned them, yours to take if you choose.

(Declared 4/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka, Magnemite)
(I will be ending my adventure here as we discussed, I will most likely be back if we gain another Zone slot in the future.)

It didn't take long for them to finally send the Durants packing, although by the time they did the damage was already done. The track had been torn to shreds in multiple places, it wasn't going to be an easy fix like earlier either. His team had fought well though, he knew he could trust them in a tough situation but they had proven themselves capable of more than he thought. Odysseus, Atalanta and Logi were all hanging together, waiting to see what they were going to do next.

"Hang on, where is Boudicca?" Jayson looked around for the Mudbray, she had slipped from sight when the Durant disappeared. Then he spotted her, she had her head inside his open backpack and was rummaging through it in search of something."Boudicca", shouted Jayson, hoping to stop her before she destroyed anything."Get out of that now!"

With a toss of her head, Boudicca drops the bag. Blue wrappers scatter across the ground, the Mudbray had eaten 16 Rare Candies! She stared at Jayson with innocent eyes, she was simply hungry after all the work she had done. Thankfully he had interrupted her before she devoured his entire candy stash.

(Boudicca reached level 31!)

As Jayson made his way towards the Mudbray, she suddenly began to glow. The earth shook as she began to grow larger, much larger. Her body continued to swell until she stood well above her trainer, when the light eventually died down, Jayson found himself standing in front of a Mudsdale! Boudicca gave the ground a stomp with her powerful mud-clad hooves, nearly knocking Jayson off his feet. Jayson stretched out his hand and gave Boudicca a scratch on the face. Walking around to her side, Jayson pulled himself up onto her back. He felt powerful up here, looking down at everything from the back of his mighty Mudsdale. Soon all the others joined them, Logi scrambled up to sit with Jayson while Atalanta landed atop Boudicca's head and Odysseus buzzed around her. They were all as impressed as Jayson.

Boudicca evolved into Mudsdale!

Directing Boudicca over to Jim, Jayson collected the scrap iron from him before offering his thanks."Thanks for the assistance Jim, I think I will have to leave the fix up to you though. I have other intentions." Jayson bid the track worker farewell, while part of him wanted to assist in repairing the tracks, he knew it was risky to hang around, considering he wasn't meant to be here. With a nudge of his foot he sent Boudicca into a gallop, the ground shook as they rode out of the Railyard.

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