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As Millicent followed Robin, she glanced around, hoping to see Telpo. After all, Robin made it out of that other world safely, and so did Hazel, so it only made sense that Telpo did as well... right? Even so, every time she looked somewhere and did not see that Abra, she felt inexplicably uneasy, almost as though her mind was trying to give her subtle hints towards a conclusion that she outright refused to consider... she shook her head. Telpo was fine, he had to be, he was awesome like that. She subconsciously took hold of the smooth stone she wore around her neck with the hand that wasn't holding onto Willow- this had been a gift to her from Telpo back when they'd last seen each other, and she wore it everywhere she went now.

Even as Robin was stammering about how Millicent didn't have to sit down if she didn't actually want to, the Timburr took a seat. "Thank you," she said. "Robin, what... what is this about?" she asked, the slightest trace of fear in her voice. "Where's Telpo? H-he's around here, right?" Willow remained silent throughout this, but paid close attention to the conversation that was about to take place- many times in life she had consoled young Pokémon who had lost their parents, and she had a grim feeling that her skills at doing so were about to come into play before much longer...

Keith's rather morbid train of thought was derailed by the sudden arrival of Cayenne the Torchic. He'd gotten a glimpse of the Torchic when he first arrived, but now he thought to take out his Pokédex and point it at the Hoenn starter.

'Torchic, the Chick Pokémon. A Fire-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Torchic has a place in its body where it stores its flame, keeping its body warm to the touch. Between this and its fluffy coat of down, hugging a Torchic is a very pleasant experience."

The Torchic seemed confused at the sight of both Keith and Jack, which got them exchanging grins- the Trainer and Ditto always liked to get reactions out of others by way of the latter's Transform making him look like the former.

The Torchic's request was incomprehensible to Keith- he could understand a couple different Pokémon languages, but Torchic language was not among them. Jack, on the other hand, being a Ditto, understood perfectly. "I'm on it," he responded, before Transforming himself into a Machop and hefting the tray onto the table, relieving Tessa of said burden. "There you go," Jack grinned. Then he turned back into Keith. "Hey, so, how'd I do there, by the way?" he asked. "Went off memory for that one."

"I think the tail was a little long, but even then, I'm not 100% sure," replied Keith. "I'd have to look it up to be sure. I think it's a safe bet you nailed this one, honestly."

"Oh, sweet," grinned Jack.

"Oh, and Tessa, nice to see you again," Keith added, addressing the Cosplay Pikachu. "Albus has actually evolved since you last saw him, he's a Kakuna now."

Aster nodded. "S-so, what do you like to do?" she asked Hazel, starting to feel slightly more at ease- this here was a Pokémon just as shy and unsure of this conversation as she was, and that knowledge seemed to somehow help her relax a little.

Anion grinned at how her blunt honesty got Voltaire all flustered. The Minun was not one to mince words or waste time being subtle, and if there was a chance that she and Voltaire could end up being a thing, she wanted him to know from day one what he'd be getting. She followed Voltaire down to the battle room, and gave a low whistle as she eyed the room. "Damn," she nodded. "Impressive is right." She then grinned at Voltaire's question. "Definitely worthy," she agreed. "So what the hell are we waiting for?" With that, she dashed out onto the battlefield and took her position at one end.

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