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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post
Who's ready for a new event co-ordinator? I know I am! I'll be picking up Raves, Meetan, Heather, Sandaa, and Schala. I know I'm coming off from Marion but I'll do my best!


The Pupitar guard is more than happy to help you out, and starts to try and operate the Roulette Wheel for you. It seems that the machine hasn't seen much attention since the changing of staff and the old regulars seemed to have disappeared from the casino itself. The place, despite its glitz and glamour, was dull and lifeless. You watch as the machine eats your coins, and the Pupitar looks in amazement as you pull the lever. The ball rolls around, and around, and around... until it lands on Green Wynaut. A small flashing light over the machine starts to flash, signalling JACKPOT!!! The Pupitar's eyes widen, looking ecstatic. However, no coins come out from the machine. The Pupitar gives it a headbutt, but still it just flashes Jackpot. The Pupitar seems to disappear for awhile, and then comes back carrying some strange band on one of its horns. It seems to have been a Binding Band, and offers it to you. You quickly pocket it and thank the Pokemon, and the Jackpot light seems to stop. On further inspection of the item, you notice indentations, marks similar to cogs. Why would someone jam the machines? Maybe there were more in them then appeared?

Meanwhile, your Honchkrow flies down the path of FORTUNE. Many new attractions are in this shiny room, from new and improved slot machines, various card games, and even a designated smoking area. Patrons fill the room with laughs as they spend various Pokedollars on the new attraction. It seems that even the casino itself has moved on with the times, causing the old slots and roulette to be put before the diverging paths of FAME and FORTUNE. With all of the people here, it would be hard to sleuth without a trainer. Your Honchkrow flies back and relays what it has seen.

What do you do?

Alex watched as the guard hopped towards him happily, as the human made sure to play a little puzzled concerning the wheel in order to buy others some time for their own sleuthing while his Honchkrow took off. As the rock pokemon made glances at parts of the machine, the coin slot, the coloured buttons defining both wheel colours and pokemon, and the start button, he inserted the now-useless coins into the machine in a fashion that ensured the guard never noticed them being old currency. What he could notice, however, was the layer of dust that sat on the roulette wheel, a sign that the past had truly been forgotten, before he settled on the combination green Wynaut and hit the button to start. The Pupitar excited, seemingly genuinely, the ball was released and rolled around the wheel, clattering as it did in a familiar fashion, though Alex never made much notion towards this, until as if by some sheer fortune or twist of fate, the ball settled on a picture of a Wynaut on a green background.

Jackpot. Yet no coins. The Pupitar, first excited, then slightly disgruntled, bonked the machine with its head, in a manner many would be familiar with regarding a faulty mechanism, before looking into the machine. While distracted, Alex heard the sound of wings fluttering back, before the guard popped out from behind the machine with a band of sorts on his head, offering it to Alex. On inspection, with thanks, he realised the object to be akin to a binding band, something that would improve the effect of binding and trapping moves, but more intriguing were the indentations along it. At that, the Honchkrow returned as Alex left the table and looked at the diverging paths, fame and fortune. In quiet tones, he and Fragarath began to discuss their findings.

"Not possible to caw-sult further, too many people in fortune. All blinged up, too tacky, a disgusting sight for my eyes. You?"

"I managed to somehow hit the jackpot on that old wheel, but this," holding the band up as though to show the crow what he had won with a false grin on his face, "was clogging the cogs likely. Always knew those machines were fucking rigged..."

"Then it is caw-lear that much of the new machines would be in a similar fashion, expertly rigged. Typicaw of most of these locations, but there is more to this place than it seems...perhaps we should venture into fortune after all, there are card games and a suspicious smoking area of interest..."

"Smoking? In a 'public' building? That would mean a possible opening. We'll have a look together then, discreetly of course."
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