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So, apologies especially to TKF and kawaii for taking so goddamned long to get these up. Though meatspace has and still is dominating my time lately, that's no excuse for not trying harder to post at least something for the two of you weeks ago and for that I'm very sorry.

Here on out I plan to consistently update on weekends, which should hopefully be a working compromise between my commitments irl and those I've made here.

Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Spoiler: show
While one Durant was now dealt with and another looking close to its breaking point, Jayson was beginning to feel like they were on top of this situation. The main issue was that Logi was now spent and two of the Durant were proving persistent, still tearing up the tracks relentlessly. This was going to be an issue, if a train came flying down the track than there was no way they would be able to stop it in time, the damage would be devastating. They had to finish this now, before more damage could be done to the tracks and his Pokemon.

"Alright team, Odysseus has exposed their special defense so now we exploit it! Boudicca I need you to finish off that Durant while the rest of us target the pair damaging the tracks. Give it two Earthpowers and hope that is enough to put it down." They were out of firepower now, Logi was spent but perhaps there was another way. "Odysseus, Mimic Logi's Heat Wave then hit the pair of Durants with a Heat Wave. Atalanta while Odysseus is preparing keep the Durant's pinned down with a pair of Air Cutters. If they are still hanging on try and finish them with an Ominous Wind." Jayson hoped that it would be enough with the boost Atalanta had received from the Ominous Wind, but only time would tell. They needed to get this fight over with so they could find out the motive. The actions of the Durant seemed to purposeful, there had to be something else at work here. If his hunch was right than they would likely be at further risk, they needed to get up to speed if they stood a chance of foiling any sinister plot.
TheKnightsFury: Happy at how the battle has gone thus far but determined to finish things before a true catastrophe can occur, you issue your strategy to your team. Luckily for you, the Durant act perfectly for your plan; between their lingering confusion and general indecisiveness about whether to attack or flee, the ants stay stationary, chittering with a slight edge of panic in their tone. Gerrold the Swinub, with an expression of glee, takes the opportunity to exhale a deep breath of Powder Snow at the Durant who'd spent so much time tormenting him. The icy blast knocks the ant backwards, clipping the tracks to flip up in the air and land in a heap near his fallen comrade. Though still conscious, the Durant doesn't even try to stand. Time will tell if it can. Focused as well on this ant, Boudicca starts to ready an Earth Power, but hesitates, remembering the damage it did to the earth the previous time. This close to the tracks, that just might not be the best idea.

At the same time, Odysseus stares intently at Logi, analyzing the small Fire-type. A moment later, it begins rotating its magnets, slow at first but quicker each passing instance. The air around you faintly increases in temperature as Odysseus successfully Mimics the effects if not execution of Logi's Heat Wave. Weak as the first try is, however, none of the Durant are really harmed though it does makes them uncomfortably hot. What does harm them, though, is the blade of rapid Air Cutting down from Atalanta's position. With their metal armor, the attack isn't as effective as you could hope, but it definitely succeeds in one thing: making up the Durants' minds. Together, the two former saboteurs take one last look at their immobile comrades before bolting to their scrap pile, grapping as much iron as they can while fleeing. Chased by another Air Cutter, a blast of Powder Snow, and a crackling line of Earth Power, the two ants race away from your team, diving down a small hole you failed to notice when you first arrived on scene. Unsure if they should pursue or not, your team idles, awaiting orders while keeping an eye on the two abandoned Durant.

Boudicca gained 5 levels!
Logi gained 4 levels!
Atalanta gained 4 levels!
Odysseus gained 3 levels!

"Dammit," Jim mutters at your side. "Those bastards got away with most of the metal." Ignoring the remaining ants - as little threats they are - he runs over to inspect the mauled section of track. You follow, seeing the damage for yourself. Though nothing near what it could have been, as you approach you can see at least four long stretches and a couple smaller ones in the track where the metal is gone, gnawed or cut away in a mix of clean swipes and jagged tears. The pile of slightly rusty metal that used to be these sections is considerably smaller, enough taken that you'd need some new metal to repair all the breaks.

As you inspect this pile, Jim sidles up alongside you, crouching down and shifting the pile around to see what might be reusable. Based on his grimace, there not as much as he'd hoped. After a pause he stands, sighing as he runs a hand through his short, shaggy hair. "Yeah, damn, we're going to have to get whole new track here to fix this." Shaking his head, he sighs again, looking down at the pile before side-eying you. With an oddly knowing expression, he bends down once more, taking a few of the smaller pieces out of the pile and sliding them towards you. "Here, take these. I don't really have anything to give you, but these bits aren't worth recasting and you definitely earned something. This," he says motioning vaguely to the track or what's left of it, "might not be exactly good, but it's so much better than it could've been if we hadn't caught it when we did." At your feet lie two roughly Ball shaped pieces of Iron and enough smaller, amorphous chunks to fetch maybe $400 if you pawned them, yours to take if you choose.

(Declared 4/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka, Magnemite)

Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
Spoiler: show
Kawaii pondered her situation for a moment before replying, "well the trail goes dead here so I think she might be in that van. I sent my Woobat after it." The pinkette stretched her arms and pet her poor poisoned Herdier before tapping her on the nose with her pokeball, calling the normal-type back.
Frieghya took the lull in the action to center herself. She focused her psychic energy for anyone or anything needing help. She prodded at the energies of those around her. She could sense the energy of a Woobat, which made her heart skip a beat. Unfortunately she recognized the signature of her teammate and her heart sunk. The Espeon had thought for maybe a moment it was that nice Woobat that had come by her base that one time. She shook her head lightly to clear it, she was letting her emotions getting in the way. The psychic type refocused her efforts on finding that Zorua.
Before he teleported away Arin was quite proud of himself, he had out done his own standards and fought this battle without retaining much damage. The little Aron was quite proud of himself. He hadn’t battled much but he knew that a move like harden was not very well respected among pokemon or trainers. Yet in this case it had worked quite well. The steel type was happy that his first battle had gone well. He was glad to finally be getting some attention as well, he had lain dormant for a long time and didn’t know that he could contribute his freedom to the great reform of fizzytopia. His thoughts were interupted by the Abra teleporting him away.
(In which your adventure splits into three concurrent lines; Newt's will get picked up in the next update)

[Retroactively, Frieghya, Cassie, and Arin gain +2 levels from the earlier battle!]

Kawaii, Frieghya, Cassie
Sensing the mind of a Woobat, Frieghya momentarily gets her hopes up, believing it to be someone she'd love to see again. Alas, it is only her teammate, Newt. Focusing on the bat's mind as her heart sank, she feels it slip away, out of her psychic reach, physical distance too great to keep connected. Refocusing with lessened spirit on finding the Zorua, she turns her mind outward, brushing against many minds in the surrounding park and nearby buildings. Zorua being a Dark-type, Frieghya knows she wouldn't be able to directly find the Pokémon mentally, but even anticipating this fails to find any suspiciously blank areas where a mind can't be sensed. It seems that Parker the Zorua is nowhere nearby.

As Frieghya searches, you explain your thoughts to Annalise. Her face blank, you think for a moment she might try to run after the truck herself, but as Cassie limps to you her thoughts are distracted. She shakes her head as if to clear it. "Here I am worried about Parker, when you've lost one yourself and have another badly poisoned. I'm sorry this all happened. I can't help your Aron - hopefully your Woobat can find him as well as Parker - but," and a strange expression crosses her face, one you can't quite place, "I do know somewhere you can get your Herdier healed."

Grabbing your hand, she pulls you along, back through the park past where you first met. Surprised at the sudden move, it takes Frieghya a moment to follow, but soon enough she is right at your heels. A short while later, the two of you exit the park into the Municipal Plaza, heading straight towards a building on the far side of the plaza. Tall and ornate in an older style of architecture, the building looks beautiful if unremarkable, especially surrounded by buildings of a similar design. Therefore, it takes almost until you reach the steps leading to its entrance, guarded on each side by a roaring marble Pyroar, before you recognize this as the main headquarters for the New Fizz City police.

Dragging you inside, Annalise made a beeline right to the front desk, where a lone officer works in silence. As Annalise approaches the counter, the young woman in uniform looks up, an annoyed expression flashing across her face before settling into a mask of stony professionalism. Glancing at Annalise, you see she too has taken on a stony expression. "Hi, Lexa," Annalise says to the officer, her voice flat.

"Annalise," the officer, Lexa, replies in an equally flat tone. "How may I help you now?" It is clear to you these two know each other and neither seems fond of the other.

"Is Alex where I could see him?" She pauses, debating for a moment whether to continue. "And could we borrow your healing machine? My friend's Herdier is badly poisoned."

The officer sends a look her way. "Dragging someone else into your Swanna hunt, then?" she snidely asks, professionalism failing. Nevertheless, Lexa reaches for her walkie-talkie and activates it. "Detective Wright, you have someone at the entrance here asking for you." After a moment, a soft crackle responds, too quiet and distorted for you to hear with any clarity. "Yes, your sister. And she brought some...friend who has a Pokémon that needs healing." Another response, and the officer turns to you and Annalise. "He's on his way out. Try not to get him in trouble too." The second half she says in an undertone, as if not meaning for you to hear.

Clearly dismissed by this Lexa, an awkward few moments pass before a man strides through the door leading back into the station. Though older - in his mid-thirties, you guess, but already with some greying of the black hair around his temples - he nevertheless bares some resemblance to Annalise. If the earlier slip by officer Lexa hadn't already clued you in, you certainly now realize this is Annalise's brother.

A look of pure resignation covers Detective Wright's face. "Oh Anna, what have you done now?" he asks - rhetorically, as he immediately turns to you. You see something dark cross Annalise's face, but only for a moment before you must refocus on the hand extended to you by the Detective. "I'm really sorry for whatever she has done. If you follow me back to our healing machine, we can try to cure your Pokémon of however he or she was hurt. I'm Detective Nicholas Wright, by the way. Annalise's brother."

The Detective leads the two of you through the door into the police station proper. The sense of awkwardness lingers as Detective Wright attempts to make small talk, while Annalise keeps up a sullen silence. Eventually he shows you into the detective's bullpen. A large room filled with scattered desks, about half occupied by plainclothes detectives, it doesn't contain any whiteboards or chalkboards outlining cases like crime dramas would suggest. No, just a bunch of people working, most trudging through paperwork.

Det. Wright leads you to the back of the room, towards a healing machine near one of the desks. He allows you to insert Cassie's Poke ball, along with any others you would wish to heal, before activating it, an electric hum filling the air. As he does this, Annalise throws herself into one of the two chairs. You didn't notice it at first, but you now see on the desk a small frame of Det. Wright and Annalise, both younger and much happier looking with a grinning Vulpix and Zorua in their arms respectively. Gaze sweeping across the rest of the Detective's desk, you only see a lot of reports and forms meaningless to you, except for one thing. On a single sheet of paper peeking out of a stack, you see part of a familiar Mr. Mime logo, cut off before showing the piano.

Det. Wright offers you his own chair, deciding to remain half-standing, half-leaning against his desk. Arms crossed with annoyance, he looks over at Annalise who doesn't quite glare back, but it's a close thing. Shaking his head, he looks back to you. "Again, I'm sorry for whatever my sister might have done or talked you into, miss...?" he trails off, fishing for your name.

What will you say or ask? Now is the time to get answers to any questions you may have.

Proud to finally both be taking part in a battle and contributing towards something good, Arin fails to recognize the Abra's intent until it is too late. Gripped tightly in one yellow paw, the world drops out before the Aron can even attempt to break the hold. Around him blurs into a kaleidoscopic mess, gradually reforming into a comprehensive picture. Understandably disoriented, a forceful shove knocks Arin off balance onto a cold metal floor. Iron bars loom up around him, blurry still as his eyes struggle to adjust to the suddenly dim lighting. A metal shink echoes in the space - a cage door sealing Arin away, he finally realizes.

Looking around, he finds himself in one of a great many cells, about half of which are occupied. Most are Pokémon Arin doesn't recognize - a Noibat cowering in tears in a corner of its cage, a Jangmo-o angrily banging against its bars, and a Slowpoke who honestly doesn't seem to have realized its situation, amongst others - but in one cell directly across from him he does see someone familiar. He'd only gotten a brief glimpse at the poster when her trainer held it, but based on the collar around its neck - slightly ripped, as if someone had tried and failed to tear it off - the Zorua pacing mutinously around its own cell had to be Parker.

A sudden jerk nearly knocks Arin off his feet. The room around him starts shaking, as if it started moving. Standing in the center aisle of the cell row, the Abra from earlier grins victoriously and viciously down at Arin, itself having no issues staying upright through levitation. The Psychic-type turns away, facing the other two free occupants of the space. Both exhausted from the previous fight, neither the Buneary nor the Scraggy are standing. Instead the two lean back against the back wall, which Arin can now see looks like a set of double doors to a van, only confirming any suspicions of his current location.

"Okay you two idiots, make sure nothing happens back here," the Abra coldly orders through telepathy. "Don't cause any more trouble or I'll pummel you myself." Turning back to Arin, he snidely adds, "And you, don't even think of trying to escape. Much stronger than you have failed in the past." Eyes sweeping across the area one last time, the Psychic-type floats away from the rear doors in the direction of the van's cab, blinking away with a Teleport as he moves.

"Oh fuck you, you muppet," the Scraggy mutters under his breath as soon as the Abra is gone. Slumping his head back against the metal door, Arin can really see the consequences of his own actions. Bruises dot the Scraggy's upper torso from Arin's headbutts, and mud from a mud-slap crusts along the Scraggy's face. Beside him, the Buneary - physically more or less fine - makes an unintelligible grunt from where he's curled into a fetal position, eyes clenched shut. Taking it as agreement, the Scraggy continues his griping, "And man, fuck trainers and their fucking weak-ass gestures..."

As the Scraggy continues on, Arin at the moment is more or less unwatched. What will he do?

(Declared 4/6: Espeon, Aron, Herdier, Woobat)

Originally Posted by Heather View Post
Spoiler: show
Heather pored over the diorama of the plant intently, taking a distinct interest in the functions of the buildings and their surroundings, mostly in a bid to find out "where would there most likely be wild Pokemon hanging about?" One thing caught her eye in particular, though.

"Oooooh, a research facility? I might be making a few business-related return trips..." Heather muttered to herself. In truth, she was looking into making a start of a career in Electric-Type research. While the research they did here was probably not directly relevant, the types of species such facilities attracted would definitely be a good topic of study. Why, for example, would the area around the Kanto Power Plant-okay no, she was getting off track. She was here to look for Pokemon, and have a good time, but mostly the former, when it came down to it. Even if she was rather likely to end up with an Electrode or something given the diorama, she could certainly hope for something more interesting. Speaking of how to accomplish that, a voice came over the intercom, instructing anyone who wanted to go on the facilities tour to sign up at the front desk. Heather immediately went to the front desk to look for a sign up sheet. The only way this day could yield anything was if she went deeper, after all, and so deeper she would go. Of course, she did want to know a certain something before making the commitment. When she reached the front desk, she got the attention of the person in charge of tour signups.

"Excuse me? I was wondering something about the tour. I'm hoping to get into Electric-Type research, see, so I wanted to know if there would be any opportunities to find wild Electric-Types for capture while on the tour-my first goal is to obtain and study as many Electric-Type species as possible, you see. Or, if not, do you know any place I might go instead around the city?" she asked politely, if a little nervously, given she felt that the answer was probably no.
Heather: Though a part of you is certainly interested in the research avenues here, already absentmindedly comparing the surrounding habitats to other Power Plants across the regions, you do have an ultimate goal here that you'd like to accomplish. Hopefully through these tours, but you'd like to make certain before you commit to anything.

Finally catching the attention of the man running sign-ups, you pose your question as politely as you can. Upbeat, befitting someone in essentially the tourism business, he immediately has an answer for you with a grin. "Oh, of course miss. If researching Electric-types is your goal, you have certainly come to the right place. Depending on which time you sign up for - at this point, of the four remaining - there is plenty of time to wander the compound before or after the tour. Though naturally some areas, like around the pylons and some of the private research buildings, are off-limits to the public; most every other area is publicly accessible to some degree during touring hours. Additionally, any truly wild Pokémon encountered are fully able to be captured, though any battles must remain restrained so as to not damage any buildings or the compound, I hope you understand. Oh, and don't worry about mistaking worker Pokémon from wild; all worker Pokémon wear special lanyards or other such items to easily distinguish them."

Grinning another hundred-watt grin, the man twirled his pencil. "So, would you like to be added to one of the tour groups? There is one that leaves in just a few minutes, and then one every hour after that for the next three hours. The choice is, of-course, yours, miss; but if you don't mind me saying, if you're desiring to go into any field of study regarding Electric-types, I would seriously consider touring at some point, even if not today."

(Declared 2/6: Emolga, Alola Vulpix)
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