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You and your Aipom make a beeline towards the bathroom after heading down the FAME path. After giving Scurvy your plan, you heads towards the exit of the bathroom. As you leave through the door, you feel a small weight on your shoulder as the purple monkey already rejoin you. That was certainly quick. Were there no vents in there? Or they could've been too small for even an Aipom to go through. Regardless, you look over the FAME area.

There various attractions could be seen around the room. The areas they were in were distinct, but all of them looked fun and exciting. A central stage was easily noticeable in the room, where a variety of different music and comedy shows were held at various times of the day. A few restaurant entrances lined the walls, from an all-you-can-eat buffet to a steakhouse to even a karaoke bar. Some of those cheesy mall photo booths were littered around the floor, and they seemed popular with the tourists who swarmed the area. Of course, there was also the food court, which had a cheaper selection of foods that were everything but healthy. Lastly, you see an arcade for the younger kids, with a prize corner in it. Seems Jirachi was trying to promote gambling regardless of age.

You see a Pangoro and Miltank standing guard at the stage, seemingly nonchalant about their job. Security Cameras were placed to cover wide areas, and there were at least two at every restaurant entrance and even more in the floor proper. You notice a Persian and a Luxray commonly circling the room, and a Gardevoir sitting at the prize stand. Every so often, a Furret can be seen at the entrance to the arcade before disappearing again. It seems that this area is heavily guarded despite the only valuables being in the arcade. Yet, oddly, it felt that the guards frequented the stage more than the arcade. What was there? There wasn't a show going on at the moment.

What do you do?
As Gary left the bathroom, he felt Scurvy rejoin him on his shoulder. A little surprised, he turned to face his Aipom. “Plan was a bust, huh?” he asked as Scurvy nodded. “Oh well, let’s proceed with checking out the dining area.” Walking out into the large, open FAME area, Gary’s eyes darted around to take in as much as possible without looking too much like a tourist. There was a central stage where music and comedy shows were held as entertainment. Along the walls were a myriad of different restaurant entrances of great variety, ranging from buffets to steakhouses. Gary’s mouth watered as he began thinking of a juicy steak, but snapped out of it as Scurvy gently pulled his earlobe.

Continuing his observation tour, Gary spotted a bevy of mall photo booths, a food court for cheaper yet unhealthier food alternatives, and lastly an arcade for kids with a prize corner. The most important thing for Gary to note now was the number of guards in the area. The stage and the arcade seemed to be the heaviest guarded, with emphasis on the prize counter. However, the stage seemed even more suspicious to Gary as there was a high amount of activity with the guards despite there being no show going on.

Gary and Scurvy started things off by popping inside one of the photo kiosks, where they would hopefully be safe from the watchful eye of the security cameras above and earshot of any guards. “Okay Scurvy, here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to create a diversion, and when the guards are distracted I want you to use your Acrobatics to sneak onto the stage undetected if you can. If you see anything suspicious that you can carry, try to Snatch it like a Thief. If you think you might have trouble getting out of there, distract the guards with a Pay Day. Let’s meet up back here when you’re done to report what you saw.”

Scurvy nodded as he listened to Gary’s plan. Before the two left the kiosk, they took a couple quick silly pictures with the machine to defer any suspicious activity from any passing guards. As they split up, it was now up to Gary to create a diversion. His plan was simple; get a tray full of food at the food court and “slip” in the most spectacular fashion, tossing food and drink everywhere if he had to; whatever it took to get the guards’ attention off of the stage.
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