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Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
trading my poochyeena to missingno master for a mystic water
Spoiler: show

species: poochyena
gender: Female
Ball: Net ball
obtained: a trade
moves known: tackle, growl, sand attack
nature: adamant
ability: quick feet
personality: Noxie is very much a secrative pokemon. She's not quiet, just does not talk about herself. She feels judged very harshly that she is the only dark type on the team so far. Despite this, Kawaii loves her just as much as the rest of the team. It still might take awhile for her to get used to being loved this much.

"...really, really think that, as the Trainer here, I should have been consulted in this."

"Shut up, Meat Sack," Myrtle snapped as she led the way into the Global Trade Station. The Banette clutched a strange pendant in one of her cloth paws- a teardrop-shaped container filled with a mysterious kind of water. "I know what I am do-ing."

"Do you, Myrtle?" Keith sighed. "Do you really? Arranging a trade, which would give me another Pokémon, in exchange for my Mystic Water, with me having zero say in the matter? What am I even trading for? Who am I even trading with? These are the things I need to kno-"

"I said. Shut. The Distortion World. Up," hissed Myrtle. "Both of your ques-tions will be an-swered in due time. Have pa-tience for once in your life."

Keith sighed, though said nothing else, knowing full well he couldn't stop Myrtle. He followed his Banette to the trade machine, where he was pleasantly surprised to see his friend Kawaii. Myrtle took charge of the entire trading process, though once the Mystic Water was swapped for the Net Ball, Keith took the sphere off the trade machine himself.

"Alright," he said to Myrtle. "Let's see what we got here, then." And he tossed the Net Ball. "Out here on the double!" he exclaimed.

The ball split open, and to Keith's mild surprise, a Poochyena appeared before him. The Dark-type looked up, and at the sight of the Banette, started wagging her tail. "Myrtle?" she said.

"Hel-lo, Nox-ie," smiled Myrtle. "It seems you and I will be team-mates now. Won't we, Meat Sack?" she added, turning to shoot Keith a glare.

But Keith's expression had already softened at the sight of the Poochyena. It very vividly brought to mind a flashback to when he first hatched Sirius, and he scooped Noxie up in his arms. "Heh, you sure will be," he nodded. "Welcome to the team, Noxie." He then laughed, for in response to this, Noxie started licking Keith's face.

OOC: Trading my Mystic Water to Kawaii for her Poochyena. Noxie's in good hands, thanks!

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