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As Robin told her story, she received quite a few surprised reactions, both from Jack and Keith. This was to be expected though, considering the contents of her story.
Once she was done, Robin went to address what Keith and Jack had said, but stopped as the question of how Telpo had teleported to a different world was raised by Millicent.
According to Meowth, two of his teammates had messed up Teleport before, but nothing like what Telpo had done.

"Well umm...I-I'm actually not sure." Robin lied. "Maybe the energy surrounding Project X was enough to change Telpo's capabilities with Teleport?"

Did that even make sense? The Electric type trainer wasn't sure, but that was the excuse she was sticking with, at least for now.

"On an unrelated note though...Millicent you just reminded me of something. Can you come with me? I-I need to speak to you privately." Robin said before rising out of her chair.

"It won't be long, I promise."
"No, it' fault." Hazel replied once Aster had approached him.
"I'm...not really good at talking...or anything involving s-social interaction really. So, I-I'm sorry for...making you uncomfortable."
I'm a fan of battles really gets my heart racing. Only a few other activities can claim to be nearly as exciting." Voltaire replied.

"Hmm...a thought just occurred to me. You see, my trainer has a battle room downstairs. If you want, maybe we could have a battle there? I'm sure you'll be just as charming on the battlefield as you are now." The Emolga smiled.

"Only if you want to of course. I wouldn't want to force you into saying yes."
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