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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Meetan – Even after telling off Cruella and getting that last word in, she seemed to not be paying attention anymore and everything seemed to go by pretty fast after that. It wasn’t even very long ago that you had three things going on all at once so the fact that everyone has cleared out is a relief but you still have priorities in mind. You pocket your rewards and begin to head for your first destination, the cabin located in the nearby plains. As you make your way out there, the sounds of children on field trips, families having picnics, and Pokemon playing slowly begin to fade.

You have arrived in the Galea Plains, which really didn’t take much effort considering the river is located right along the edge of it. It’s a lot quieter out here and certainly less crowded, as you walk you can see the roof of the cabin in the distance peeking out over one of the many hills so you begin to make your way over there. One thing you do notice is that the Furfrou doesn’t appear to have left any trace of where exactly she went. This area is very open but the many hills would easily hide her if she is on the opposite side of one. The only thing you do know, is that you have somewhat of an idea which direction she had originally ran and looking at the cabin’s location, it’s probably to the east of it somewhere.

You get a full view of the cabin as you finally reach the top of the last hill that was separating you from it. The cabin is pretty standard as far as cabins go but one thing you notice is that there is a Skiddo repeatedly ramming its horns into the side of it. You pause for a moment to watch and it isn't long before it notices you and gives you one of those “What are you looking at?” kind of looks before it rolls its eyes and continues to ram into the cabin. You head inside and are greeted by a very attractive male ranger with a perfect smile. “Hello there, beautiful. I’m very happy you’ve decided to stop by, my name is Ivan. I hope you’ve been enjoying you’re stay in the Cloud Garden so far, I know I certainly love it here. Are your Pokemon hurt? I can heal them for you. Any Pokemon belonging to a woman such as yourself deserve the best treatment after all.” He takes your Pokemon into the back and you wait, at this point it’s hard to tell if he has some sort of hidden agenda or if he’s just like that. Right now, you seem to be the only other person inside of this cabin so it’s not like there is another employee you can ask. He eventually returns with your Pokemon and gives them back to you all while still having that perfect smile on his face. “You can rest here as long as you like, I wouldn’t want you pushing yourself too hard. We have guest rooms upstairs if you would like, if the door is open then it means it’s unoccupied so feel free to help yourself to a room.” He begins to walk back around the desk and then the slight banging from outside becomes audible. “I guess that Skiddo is at it again. It has been doing that on and off all day which is very out of character for its species. I’ve gone out there a few times in an attempt to communicate with it but it just wasn’t having it so I don’t really know what to do about the little guy. Oh well, I hope you enjoy your stay no matter how long or short it may be.” He then takes a seat in the chair behind the desk and begins to play on his phone.
Alice was dreading the amount of hills involved, especially in this heat. She didn't really have any Pokemon who were suited to carrying her around, at least comfortably and for a long time. She supposed she could make use of Axel's teleport once he was healed up, but that might prove risky and it wouldn't exactly help them properly track Furfrou, probably.

She blinked at the sight of the Skiddo, tempted to engage it until it gave her a look. Best not, and so the trainer moved into the cabin. Ivan was certainly a talker, which Alice could relate to, although his low-key (yet glaringly obvious) flirting was both amusing and cringeworthy. The trainer said nothing of her Cloud Garden experience so far - not that it was easy to get a word in edgeways anyhow - and simply handed over her party to be healed.

While that was being done, the young woman withdrew a new outfit from the PC, sliding off into the nearby bathrooms to get changed. Pink cropped top was exchanged for a cutout in black and white, her white trainers - now a bit stained - replaced with sturdier, lace up walking boots that stopped at the ankle. She brushed her hair back into a fluffy ponytail, hoping that it would keep it from her face on the windier plains, and returned not long before her Pokemon were given back.

Minnie the mouse was decidedly going into the PC, which Alice navigated as Ivan yammered on some more, putting her previous outfit into storage and changing up her party members just a little for the upcoming task. At talk of the Skiddo, though, Alice's hearing piqued. "I'll go and check them out in a minute and see if I can help. By the way, did you see or hear anything of a runaway Furfrou? Pedigree, but its fur is a state because of a battle. Its trainer was nasty and ditched it, so she ran away, but I'm trying to find her before she gets herself more hurt." She explained. "She can't have been going much more than twenty minutes now at most. And if you do find out anything, or find her, could you bring her back here and heal her? She'll probably not come back easy, though. Oh, and I'm Alice Hope, by the way."
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