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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

Determined to break through - the only seemingly reasonable course of action -, the trio focus their efforts on piercing the seemingly impenetrable wall formed by the countless gargantuan thorns of Frenzy Plant.

Owing to her combative personality, Samantha moves first, fueled by the desire to see this through to the end. Flames surround her fangs, and she lunges valiantly at the dome, sinking her teeth into the overgrown vines. Spiky protrusions pierce her skin, but her passion burns as brightly as her fire-enveloped jaws, and she ignores the pain. Embers scatter and set fire to nearby trees, smaller in nature and not created by any Pokemon, though likely reduced to dried-up corpses because of one. What follows is a spectacle of light, as dry vegetation is set on fire sequentially, until a ring of fire surrounds the entirety of the dome!

Under the force of Samantha's bite, burning cracks start forming along the height of the Frenzy Plant pillar, and Mimi is quick to detect the weak spot; relaying this information to Nina, the Mime Jr then stands back frightened by the wildfire. Nina, in turn, is torn on what to do - the only exploitable weak spot was created by Samantha, which means the Moonblast should be aimed dangerously close to her friend, who is still holding on for dear life with her flaming fangs buried into the plant wall. It takes precise aiming, but the burst of moonlight explodes above Sam, missing her narrowly, though the blast radius pushes the dog back into the ground, forcefully breaking her iron grip.

"Remarkable display," acknowledges Farfetch'd, "though now we must think fast! Behold!"

One by one, the Frenzy Plant tower-like vines come to life, each a thorny serpent awakening from a long slumber; slowly, they begin to move, then flail about like overgrown whips under the intensity of the wildfire created by Samantha. Even a single hit from these pillar-like trunks could incapacitate a Pokémon outright...

"Should we keep attacking until they break apart completely, or make a run for it now and try to find a breach before their flailing becomes too violent?"

Even Farfecth'd seems to be at a loss. Either decision is risky, but there is not much time to decide. Do you keep attacking, or try to break through immediately?
It was a struggle for Mimi in particular to focus, hearing the growls that Samantha made sound increasingly pained. She looked even more scratched up and battered than earlier, and none of them had a healing move to support that kind of mess. Samantha could alleviate ailments, and that was the extent of it. At least if the dog got burned, that it could be fixed.

Both scared by the wildfire and by Nina's calculated risk, the baby peers from behind tiny hands to see that their friend was okay-- just. She'd been forced into a tiny ditch created by the force, and got back up onto two paws with a canine full-body shake off. Hand-paws brushed off excess dirt and dust, but Farfetch'd was right. There was no time for preening, and the Pokemon put some distance between herself and the now-living obstacles.

"Samantha was barely able to cause damage when they were still. If we wait any longer, we'll never get through." Nina said. The best case scenario was to destroy them completely, but if it was actively feeding off the land then it would be an endless struggle that the mere four of them couldn't hope to destroy. It was worry enough that they were going to try and fight whatever was creating them, but if a Pokemon was continuously using frenzy plant, it would have to grow tired and take at least a short break sometime, right? Even if their window was short, it would be something they could use. A move like that took a lot of energy, even if it was being used to drain.

"We have to go now, or never, and we have to be careful. Find an opening and don't get hit. If we are, we're finished." Nina concluded. Mimi nodded wearily, and Samantha took off at speed, her heightened senses utilised to see, hear, feel or smell for an opening the grand old evil they were faced with.
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