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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The Ancient Tyrantrum paces around the cave, contemplating the three perfectly constructed Rock Tombs which housed the invaders he sought to test. Neither of them proved to be particularly fast in shattering his creations, which - much to his satisfaction - told him he still had it, after all those centuries of boredom and inactivity. Eating trespassers had gotten old after the first six or so decades... playing with them, testing the bravery and strength they so often grabbed about - that's what he got a kick out of these days. That was the reason why his Mandibuzz guards had orders not to kill a single Pokémon trespassing the Ancient's territory, but rather bringing them to his presence: so that he could play with them, soften his overwhelming boredom if only for brief instants.

Slowly but surely, the Tombs begins to shake. From the one to the Tyrantrum's right, electricity emanates from beneath, a sort of Electric Terrain contained by the stone prison, but no doubt empowering the spunky little rat within. Spark after spark escapes some of the more loose boulders, indicating the Pikachu is punching away with everything she has, fueled by whatever it was that keeps her going. Strong spirit of leadership, indeed.

Interestingly, however, it is the Tomb in the middle that shakes the most; after no more than three impacts, cracks begin to form, and a mighty burst of blue energy causes the makeshift monument to explode violently from within, rock fragments flying in every direction. As it turns out, it was the meek, cowardly Charmander who displayed the greatest amount of raw power, and as a result, was the first one to break free - only some ten minutes later does the tiny Pikachu manage to catch up to the fire lizard and break free herself. Strong potential for destruction, indeed.

And then... there was the last one. Not a single pebble falls out of place the entire time, not even after a strange, powerful light emanates from within. At this, the Ancient frowns. And upon hearing the high-pitched voice that called out to him, that frown only deepens. One earth-shaking step after another, Tyrantrum approaches the undamaged tomb and peers inside. And once he lays eyes on the Sylveon within, eyeing him with big, round Baby-Doll Eyes, the Ancient is quick to make his decision.

"Oh, indeed. I'll carry you, precious little snowflake," he acquiesces in his deep, resounding voice. A single claw is enough to effortlessly lift up the newly evolved Momo... before tossing him violently to the floor, sending the Sylveon tumbling and rolling along the clay floor of the cavern!

"You pathetic weakling! Disgusting Fairy," the Ancient roars, making no effort to conceal neither his fury towards the deceptive Momo nor his contempt against that particular Type. "Your companions toiled, showed me their worth! But you... you are a waste of my time, a waste of space, a waste of air."

Enraged, the Tyrantrum turns his attention to Mio and Kei.

"You have earned my respect... but whether you receive your due reward or serve as my next meal, that decision rests on your beautiful companion's shoulders!"

Another stomp causes pillars of rock to rise from the ground, spearating Mio and Kei from Momo and the Tyrantrum.

"Precious little fairy," growls the Ancient, each word dripping with sarcasm, "will this help you grow a spine? Or will you let down your friends yet again? If so, I guarantee it will be the last time that you do!"

With this, the gargantuan beast lunges, jaw agape, straight towards the newly-evolved Sylveon... What now?!
Kei had broken free first, which meant that he was the first to reunite with the Ancient all by himself and he was reminded of why he was scared in the first place and froze. Mio took a bit longer but she eventually managed to break free and ran over in order to reunite with Kei, noticing that he was shaking again. “I knew you’d be the first one out. Good job Kei, you should always remember that you truly have a lot of strength.” As Kei listened to Mio’s words, as short as they were, they really made his heart melt. Kei knows that Mio is hardly ever afraid of anything and always gives everything all that she has and yet, he was still able to break out of that Tomb before her. ’I think she’s right… I have to stop being scared so that I can lend my friends my strength!’ Just as the Charmander begins to pep himself up, preparing himself to run over and break Momo free, it’s too late because the Ancient has other plans. Both Kei and Mio watch as the Sylveon is lifted out of the third Tomb with their mouth hanging agape for a moment before Kei finally speaks. “Um, Mio… Who is that? I thought Momo was supposed to be in that one…” Kei’s question doesn’t get an answer as the Pikachu continues to stare until finally she has one thing to say. “That idiot…”

Momo was feeling pretty proud that his plan was a success as the large claw reached down into his Tomb. He knew that the others were probably working super hard to break free all while he barely had to lift a finger. However, just as he was finishing that thought, he was violently thrown onto the ground and sent tumbling across the floor all while being called terrible names. Once he finally regains his bearings he looks up at the Ancient and sighs. “I see… Of course, he’s the jealous type... Look mister Ancient, it’s not my fault that I was born with perfect genes that make me good looking, I’m sure you have many fine qualities of your own that make up for your looks!” After that Mio yells out. “Momo shut up, please! For once in your life!” That comment catches Kei’s attention. “Momo…? Wait… You mean that’s Momo!? He evolved in there??” Suddenly the ground shakes and a line of pillars shoot up and are now separating the two from Momo. “Damnit!! Kei whatever the hell you used to get out of that Rock Tomb, start using it again on that wall right now! Momo is in trouble!” Mio demands Kei to get to work and he doesn’t even hesitate before charging up to the wall and beginning to repeat the technique he used inside of the Rock Tomb, Mio is right behind him and is also going to be repeating her technique in the same place in hopes that the two of them can manage to break through even faster this time.

Momo figures out that something is off about this new situation immediately and turns to the Ancient. “Umm… What are you doing?” As the Ancient begins to menacingly approach, speaking with a threatening tone, Momo starts to feel a bit uneasy. “Listen, I’m a lover not a fighter! Why are you doing this to me and not them? They both love to fight!” He backs away slowly for a second before finally taking off sprinting toward the wall that now separates him from his companions. “Saaaaave meeee!! Mio! Kei! He’s going to ruin of my perfectly groomed ribbons all because he’s jealous!” The two Pokemon who are fighting to break through can hear their friends cries. Kei begins to fight even harder since now he is even more worried. “Mio, I can’t believe that the Ancient is going to ruin Momo’s ribbons… He only just got them… It’s not fair.” Mio just sighs at Kei’s innocence and proceeds to yell over the wall. “You moron!! He doesn’t give a crap about your looks, he’s just pissed off because you’re a fairy type and he’s a freaking DRAGON!! Use your head or else you’re going to be losing a lot more than just your ribbons! And as for you, Ancient! You better hope to GOD that I don’t make it over to the other side of this wall because I’m done playing your damn games!” Mio is furious, as much as Momo drives her absolutely insane, she is not about to let him to die. “You’re right! I have fairy moves now so I can help you guys break this wall down so that you can save me!!!” The Ancient begins to lunge at Momo, mouth agape just as Momo begins to blast the wall with Fairy Wind. “No, don’t attack the wall! Attack him!” Mio is just completely exhausted with Momo at this point. “Alright Kei, kick it into high gear because we’re busting our friend out!” The two Pokemon work to break the wall while Momo continues to hit it with Fairy Wind. Mio is nervous for Momo, this wall needs to break down immediately so that she can get onto the other side and Mimic Momo’s move so that she can use her own strength to attack the Ancient with the Fairy Wind attack since Momo doesn’t seem to be doing it. Her only hope is that if Momo sees her do it, then maybe he will follow suit, she knows that if he uses the attack then it will pack a much more powerful punch than if she does. It's do or die at this point and all 3 of the Pokemon are feeling the pressure.

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