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myahoo – You feel bad for the Poochyena who is now completely passed out by a tree and know this is a battle you’ll have to give your all. After the boy returns with Wildfire in tow, he decides to turn this battle into a double battle since he is very much done with you and your Cyndaquil. He quickly gives his Pokemon commands and you do the same, it seems that you both have completely different ideas of who should be fighting who but that doesn’t matter to any of the Pokemon since they are going to do as they are told regardless. Scyther begins to take a deep breath in order to Focus Energy and pump himself up but his concentration is broken when Wildfire dives at him with Aerial Ace, scratching him up quite a bit. The Scyther considers trying again but sees that Wildfire is now Rolling toward him, knowing that there is no time to focus he moves on and Slashes at Wildfire, his original target was supposed to be Signal but he had no choice if he wanted to defend himself. Both attacks collide awkwardly and Scyther is thrown back against a tree, the slash caused Wildfire to stop rolling because the blade went across his back painfully, he seems to be doing pretty well still regardless.

Scyther shakes off the impact, it hurt but he’s still pretty fired up and he was told to do a double attack which means he still had one more for Signal. As Scyther dives in to attack, Signal goes to use Soak on Papi but his aim is disrupted by Scyther jumping in front of him and Slashing him directly with a critical hit. He did manage to Soak Scyther in the process but that hit really hurt. Still standing, Signal jumped out of the way of Scyther blocking his target and then let off a Charge Beam hitting his intended target, Papi. This move of course had no effect since the Pokemon was also a ground type and he wasn’t the one that ended up getting soaked like originally planned. The boy begins to laugh at Signal’s mistake since he is clearly a bit twisted. You then ask him why he is setting the forest on fire and he laughs even harder. “Do I need a reason? Also, last I checked I wouldn’t be telling you anything even if I had one.”

Now that all of the other Pokemon have done some battling, Papi decides it’s finally his turn to act. He uses Aqua Ring to cover himself in water in case he needs to heal at any point, which right now he doesn’t. Then he takes a nice deep breath and begins to shoot a Beam of Bubbles right at Wildfire who attempts to jump out of the way but still gets hit in the end. He tumbles and is now quite wet, the bubbles really hurt him but he still manages to stand back up looking ready for more. “I have this in the bag. Papi, use Supersonic on that Chinchou so it doesn’t bother you. Then hit the other target with lots of Muddy Water! Scyther, use two more Slashes on that Chinchou!”
Wildfire managed to prevent the Scyther from Focusing its Energy with Aerial Ace and they exchanged successful hits, though the Scyther didn't hit Wildfire as hard as Wildfire hit it. It got to its feet quickly enough to intercept Signal's Soak and land a critical Slash, which...okay, that sucked. And, without a successful Soak, Signal's Charge Beam grounded out for nothing. Because Ground-type. The kid started laughing at Signal's mistake, which distracted her Chinchou and had him blinking 'confusion'.

"Do I need a reason?" the kid replied, laughing harder at her question. "Also, last I checked I wouldn't be telling you anything even if I had one."

Melissa shrugged, though her eyes narrowed at him. "Doesn't hurt to try asking, does it?"

The Palpitoad covered itself with water and then shot a Bubblebeam at Wildfire, who...didn't manage to dodge it quick enough. Still, he managed to get back to his feet, shaking himself a bit to try to get rid of some of the water.

"I have this in the bag. Papi, use Supersonic on that Chinchou so it doesn't bother you. Then hit the other target with lots of Muddy Watter! Scyther, use two more Slashes on that Chinchou!"

Melissa frowned and hummed thoughtfully. "Signal, Charge Beam the Scyther and then Shock Wave. Wildfire, let's hope Naturepower gives us an advantage here. Hit that Palpitoad twice."

That should be more effective than the last round, but she was ready to pull out someone else, if things took a turn for the worst.
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