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Well I mean global warming fucks with the usual streams of warm and cold air. Part of the reason Harvey stayed partially over the Gulf to pull in water was because there was a high pressure system that refused to budge, which meant that Harvey had nowhere to go and spun its wheels right on top of Houston and Galveston. (I'm a little surprised to hear nothing about Galveston in the media. Apparently it's FAR worse off than Houston is. Maybe it's less well known? It got slammed by the unnamed hurricane in 1900 too, but that was a storm surge, not torrential rains.)

It's not that Harvey was a nasty hurricane in and of itself (at least, nastier than normal), or that global warming caused Harvey to happen. Instead, the argument is that the unique situation that Harvey caused (a hurricane sits still and dumps historic rainfall on its victim cities) was a direct result of climate change.

With Katrina, it's just that NO was not prepared for the massive storm surge that the hurricane brought in its wake. If Katrina had happened now, I don't think we'd see people talking about global warming at all, although it probably should have been a talking point even in 2005 (higher sea levels = bigger storm surge).
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