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You were getting fed up with this wild Zangoose chase. At this point, it was looking better to just turn back, maybe get a drink in Galea Town, and get on with your life. While you deliberated, you felt and overwhelming sense of shame. There was no way you could stop now, you were Rorik! A man of science! You were going to see this pursuit through, for both you and your Pokemon. Staryu wasn’t quite sure what was on your mind, but it seemed to take note that you were distressed. It appreciated the affectionate tap you gave to its gem, and shined brightly with a warm light.

The two of you slowly traversed the torch-lined hallway, the sound of dripping water getting ever louder. The path gradually became wider, and soon opened up into a large room. Torches still lined the walls, providing plenty of light for you to see your surroundings. Stalactites made of glittering rock clung to the ceiling in the center of the room. Water droplets formed at their tips, and dripped slowly into a shallow pool. The cave water was being enjoyed by the Bunnelby you were after. The Pokemon lapped at the water, taking a rest after all the running it had done. Its back was turned to you, and it was quite invested in their re-hydration. The piece of paper it was carrying was placed next to it. It was a bit unfurled and you could just barely see markings on the inside surface of it. You and Staryu were far enough away at the moment to remain unnoticed, but the Bunnelby’s ears were rather sensitive to sound.
The journey across the cave was as silent as it was uneventful. Although Rorik could feel his connection with Staryu growing stronger with each obstacle they overcame, there was no denying the starfish was… admittedly a poor conversational partner. The Professor’s hope was that, in due time, the Pokémon would achieve evolution and heighten its Psychic powers enough to allow for some sort of mental communication, but even that was a long shot. Not all was bad though; clearly Staryu possessed a wonderfully inquisitive spirit, ready to follow Rorik in his investigations no matter where they took him – an almost overpowering instinct to seek out new discoveries, new truths, answers to whatever enigmas brewed in its Analytic mind. Save for the fact that it didn’t speak, the Water-Type was pretty much any scientist’s perfect companion.

Their quest for the runaway Bunnelby finally led them to a wide, humid cave with water in abundance and a magnificent collection of perfectly preserved stalactites, geological wonders that many an entrepreneur would be quick to try and capitalize on – and yet here these were, unadulterated, undiscovered…perfect.


Rorik’s attention abruptly shifted from the cave’s ceiling to the center of the makeshift lake at the center of the cavern, where a Bunnelby took a much-needed bath.

What is going on here? First it’s running for its life, and now it just casually turns its back to the pursuer and drops the paper like it doesn’t matter?

All of this was much too strange for Rorik to wrap his head around. The multiplying rabbits back at the forest, the riddle game turned catch turned hide-and-seek (a game within a game within a game, what some self-professed humorous folk would call… “Gameception”?) , and finally this mysterious cave, so thoroughly illuminated by torches and yet seemingly untouched by human hands…

Well, it doesn’t matter. I came here for that paper – hopefully if I can get to the bottom of that mystery, all other pieces will fall into place.

The note was there, left unattended by the Bunnelby while it bathed. Making a run for it would likely be fruitless, as the herbivore would definitely hear Rorik coming from a mile away. No, they had to be stealthy about this… and the Professor knew exactly what to do.

A single Thunderbolt aimed at the pool would likely be enough to fry that Bunnelby, but I have no right to harm it, let alone while it has its back turned; no real man from Heiml would do such a thing. But there is another way.

“Staryu, listen closely,” he whispered while dropping to one knee next to his partner. “I need you to Minimize and get close to that note without being detected. In your miniature state you should be able to get close without making noise. When you’ve reached the paper, relay its contents to me with a Psywave!”

He’d tried this strategy before, with resounding success, during the War of the Roses waged by the rulers of Cloud Garden. Hopefully they could pull it off a second time, especially now that Staryu was considerably more accustomed to moving about in a shrunken form…
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