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Lv. 01 (F) Seviper ($220)
No special moves.
His arrival in Fizzytopia had been fairly uneventful, a much-appreciated change of pace for Luc. He’d been escorted – in fairness, stalked - by a crowd of hundreds on the way from his house in Lumiose to the Harbour, all there to catch one last glimpse of the Kalosian Miracle. But once the S.S. Révanche set sail, everything else stayed behind – the cheers, the adoration, the tasteless comparisons to Madeleine Chevalier. From here on out, the Champion of Kalos began anew, with the only remaining tie to his homeland being the regular news feeds he was contractually obligated to send the regional news outlets, in exchange for… some perks.

With one of these perks being some very welcome revenue, this is the only connection to Kalos worth keeping.

When he disembarked, he was met with many curious gazes – and more than a few requests for pictures and autographs – but compared to the overwhelming attention he received back home, this was nothing.
He’d heard much about the peaceful Fizzytopia, about its rich history and the Elite Four generations that ruled the land over the years; recently, the region had experienced an influx of travellers and was flourishing under the current administration. It was said there was adventure waiting for anyone who sought it, and perhaps that explained why he could move about relatively free of attention – everyone had their own stories to live.

His first order of business would be to strengthen his ranks. He’d chosen Polaris the Tynamo as his partner, the first of his Stars, before leaving Kalos - but the Champion (well, former Champion, he reasoned, now that he’d stepped down) was well aware of the importance of a balanced team. To that effect, perhaps the ideal place to start looking would be the local Adoption Center. After all, Luc had always had an eye for hidden potential…

The shop clerk didn’t seem to recognize him, which was decidedly pleasant. After an initial moment of judgmental staring – after all, anyone who didn’t know him would probably consider the fancy suit and mask somewhat strange – the greeting finally came, to which Luc responded with a graceful bow.

Mon plaisir. Might I look at these creatures so fortunate to be under your loving care?”

A tour of the facility followed, but it turned out to be short-lived.

That one.

They didn’t make it past the very first room, where the most recent adoptees were kept. The moment Luc laid eyes on it, he knew he wanted it: coiled in the corner of the cave, malicious red eyes scanning any and all passersby, was a gigantic Seviper. Even by species standards, that was quite a massive specimen, and the masked man could feel the intensity in the serpent’s glare… He couldn’t quite pinpoint the reason yet, but that Seviper was special. He intended to find out why.
He approached the cave slowly, half-expecting the venomous to lunge at him, but the Seviper didn’t move an inch – only its blood-red eyes followed Luc’s every motion.

Bonjour, my dear. My name is Luc de Beaufort,” he said in a low voice, almost a whisper. “I would be delighted to give you a new home…”

Just then, something in the back of his mid awoke. The right words. He didn’t know how he knew them, but he did… he knew what the Seviper needed to hear.

“Come with me and you can hunt again to your heart’s content,” he suddenly said resolutely, but in a tone that only the snake could hear. “What say you, Vega?”

A vile grin behind crimson fangs gave him the answer. And as such, Luc de Beaufort found his second Star.


Adopting Seviper with Scary Face with $220, placing it in a Pokeball for now.

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