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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Things were looking dicey as Karrablast’s Fury Cutter continued to grow in power at a rapid pace. Jayson knew that he needed to finish the beetle off quickly or else it could really spell trouble for Spartacus and Trieu. Taking Karrablast’s ability into account, he thought up a strategy to counter it as quickly as possible and called it out to his two bug Pokemon. The Scyther and Skorupi nodded and prepared themselves as they squared off against their opponents.

Spartacus locked eyes with the Karrablast, who baited itself and its opponent into a slug-it-out No Guard battle of the wills to see who could take the most punishment. The Scyther, fueled by the memories of all that he and his trainer had been through over the course of their journey together, looked to Return his trainer’s trust by channeling all of his power into a strike. Spartacus rammed into Karrablast hard, hitting it for considerable damage. However, the beetle returned the blow in favor with a powerful Fury Cutter, this one Spartacus most definitely felt.

Meanwhile, Kricketot found itself in a helpless position. His rescuer was being pushed to the limit and surely wouldn’t last much longer. In a sudden act of desperation, Kricketot fired off a Struggle Bug, small green bursts of Bug energy knocking back Trieu as she Leered at him angrily. Kricketot then leapt forward with a sudden burst of speed, passing directly into a cloud of dust created by his previous attack.

As Spartacus reared up his scythe for his next attack, Karrablast had no choice left but to break its stance. Spartacus’ energy which was previously fueled by pleasant memories with his trainer suddenly turned dark as he recalled some of the horrors that they experienced in a region known as Bedlam Ridge. Karrablast’s Fury Cutter faded away as his horn shrunk back to normal proportions and ceased its glow. Karrablast closed its eyes and braced itself, hoping it could Endure whatever Spartacus was about to dish out. Mind clouded over by memories of gutting a Ribs grunt in Bedlam, Spartacus lunged forward, ready to finish his foe with a menacing Shadow Break.

Anticipating an attack, Karrablast opened its eyes to find Spartacus locking blades with a tall, slender figure. With long, pointed arms, a red exoskeleton, and a glorious twirled moustache, the rescued had now become the rescuer as Kricketune intercepted Spartacus’ attack. Kricketune’s eye twinkled, indicating to Karrablast that he would handle the Scyther from here, leaving Trieu in his care. Karrablast nodded and turned to face the Skorupi, who wasn’t pleased at being left behind. Karrablast darted forward, Pecking her hard with his horn, while Trieu countered by jabbing him in the side with a Poison Sting from her tail. The two finished things off by exchanging blows once more, another Peck by Karrablast for Trieu’s Poison Sting. Karrrablast winced, as the final strike by Trieu seemed to have Poisoned it. Both Pokemon breathed heavily as they neared the end of their endurance.

Meanwhile, Spartacus faced off against Kricketune, both bugs seemingly ready to go although Spartacus was still reeling quite a bit from that last Fury Cutter. Unfortunately for him, it was not the last he had seen of that attack as Kricketune’s pointed arms began to glow. As Kricketune swiped him for a light Fury Cutter, the Scyther countered by sinking his teeth into his new opponent with a Bug Bite. As the battle unfolded, things were getting a bit out of hand from Jayson’s calculations. How would he adjust?
Jayson couldn't believe it. He thought he had two week Bug types lined up, a nice easy training battle that wouldn't give them too many issues. Although as luck would have it, not only did he manage to fish out a rare Karrablast with its exploitable hidden ability, he now found himself up against a freshly evolved Kricketune. This was an issue, Kricketune was much more threatening than its pre-evolution, he couldn't just ignore it while he finished off the Karrablast.

Trieu found herself up against the Karrablast now. While the opposing bug was powerful, it was surely worn out from its exchange with Spartacus. Coupled with the poison the Skorupi had just inflicted, Jayson was confident the young bug could do enough to put the Karrablast to rest."Time to toughen up Trieu! Feint Attack and then a Bite on the Karrablast, another Bite if it is still conscious."

With Trieu looking to put down the Karrablast, Spartacus was left to spar with the newly evolved Kricketune. Jayson wasn't sure just exactly how much longer the Kricketune could last, it had just taken some nasty hits, including a Shadow move which would have been Super Effective. If it wasn't clear before than it was now, these Bug types meant business and he couldn't afford to take it easy."Roost Spartacus, then go for another Bug Bite before going in for the finishing blow, Shadow Break!" It hurt Jayson to be relying on the Shadow move but he knew Spartacus understood the need.

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