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The first thing Hyrem noticed as he approached the ladder to the aquarium was that the tank was much wider than what the initial view of it informed; in fact, from the corner where the ladder stood, it looked like it could fit three swimming pools worth of water and still have room for more. Rebreather in hand, he climbed up to the top and put his hand in the water, discovering that it was, in fact, chilly before quickly withdrawing his hand. "You weren't kidding, it's freezing!" he said, perhaps showing that he was a bit too spoiled from living with a hot springs inside his base. "Well, nothing to it but to get it over with really quickly, at least that's what they say..."

And with that he put on his rebreather before swinging his body over the top and letting it plunge into the water. He took some time to get his body used to the water, but before long he was swimming in the same aquarium that Gary and his Pokemon were. "All right, now it's your turn!" Four Pokeballs with various designs opened up to reveal four very different Water Pokemon: Delilah, his beloved Lanturn, Bubbles, the voracious Gyarados, Nami, the Lapras from earlier, and Juvia, the adorable Milotic who was hugging her trainer at this very moment. "Haha, silly Juvia, go exploring or something, there's a lot of water to cover!" Juvia soon released him to follow Bubbles, who had picked up an interesting scent in the water and was off to check it out. Delilah, meanwhile, spotted a familiar looking light and was swimming towards the younger Chinchou, while Nami was headed straight for the human with the food buckets. "Nami, leave him alone, you just ate!" scolded Hyrem as he followed his Lapras in order to keep her away from the food that was meant for Gary's Pokemon.

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