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They had been sitting around the fire for quite a while, the noise coming from the cave had died down, prompting Jayson to dig through his bag. He had found an old merchant during his travels who sold him a strange incense, apparently it was meant to be used when two Pokemon were breeding, but he wasn't exactly sure what the effect would be. He eventually produced the small metal container that housed the incense, rising to his feet, Jayson made his way towards the cave.

"I'm going to go toss this in, hopefully we find out what exactly it does." Jayson moved quietly, making sure not to disturb Jormungand or Ramoth. Stopping at the entrance to the cave, Jayson tossed the incense inside before turning and running. By the time he sat back down by the fire, the noises had started up again. Perhaps the incense had given Jormungand a second wind?

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