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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

After conversing with the eerily robotic woman and your Purrloin, the two of you decide to explore the rest of the floor. As you make your way through the central hall, you notice a sort of creepy Jirachi animatronic. A woman seems to be standing in front of it, looking at her phone and then the animatronic, perhaps she was texting her friend about how unnerving the attraction was? As you make your way down a bit further, you notice a suspicious patch in the wall, as if it was a door painted over and the handle removed before being filled in. A girl and her Misdreavus sit across from the patch, but they don't seem to be doing anything important. As you head towards the end of the hall, an all too familiar sight for most denizens of these lands appears. The infamous Starter Slots and Roulette Table. A man seems to be at the Roulette Table with the Pupitar guard, who looked to miss the days of being a Larvitar. Suddenly, a Honckrow appears and swoops down to perch on the Man's shoulder. Looking at the direction the bird came from, you notice a hallway with the word FORTUNE hanging over head. The other pathway has the word FAME hanging above it. At this point, Nyx started to claw towards the FORTUNE hall. Maybe it was the Purrloin's natural instinct for theft or money, or it could just be her being a cat. Regardless, it was one of the two places to explore.

What do you do?
Their exploration causes them to pass by some possible areas of interest. Nyx whispers about interesting things in Eskil’s ear as they progress past the fountain and further into the building. A creepy animatronic, a patch of wall that looks like a painted over door, a few people that might or might not be there for a similar purpose (Eskil doesn’t want to risk making a mistake on that front, however, so he leaves them be). All information that could prove useful later, so Eskil mentally files each piece away.

It doesn’t take long to find their next target. One for a spin. Eskil heads straight for the nearest slot machine with little care for the rest of the room, coin weighing heavily in his hand. Nyx, however, seems fascinated by a hallway labelled ‘Fortune’. It’s twin, ‘Fame’, is also visible. Neither thing appeals to Eskil, but whatever has captured Nyx’s attention is probably worth a look.

Nyx sits on his shoulder, paw outstretched toward the ‘Fortune’ hallway, with little care for the slot machine. Her focus slows Eskil’s steps for a moment, but he wants be be rid of the coin before heading further in, so he continues on his path.

“Just a minute, Nyx. We’ll check it out after I use this coin.” Eskil mutters to her as he nears the machine.

“Try to be quick,” She grumbles back at him, still focused on the hallway.

“What’s caught your attention?” He asks, as he goes to place the coin in the machine.

“The faster you finish up here, the faster you’ll find out.” Is the sharp reply. Still in a mood, then. Eskil can’t help but wonder if her behavior is because of this place, or something else entirely. Either way, it is putting him on edge even more than the danger of being discovered. In part because whatever is hanging between them could cause a screw up that gets them caught, of course.

One thing at a time. Slot machine first, and then whatever is captivating Nyx. Then, after this is over, a long talk to discuss what’s really bothering her. Preferably before any actual heisting.

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