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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
You have the distinct impression that the old librarian is most definitely not in a cooperating mood: either due to early-onset dementia or simply ill will, she ended up directing you at the wrong section - an amalgam of your two requests, and as a result, none of what you requested.

It is hard to adhere to a code when the ones enforcing it are just asking to be disobeyed. Case in point, even though you are fully aware that silence must be preserved within the confines of the library, the lack of other actual people besides the gorgon at the desk makes it all the more enticing to just take matter into your own hands (and Rufflet's wings), rules be damned. Instructed to search for a step ladder or, luck permitting, one of the sections you actually wanted to find, Ulysses takes to the air, ready to fulfill these tasks, the sound of his wingflaps resonating across the library's halls. The avian disappears behind the tall bookshelf, leaving you temporarily alone. As for you, something else has drawn your attention - the door that had so suspiciously merited the harpy's concern.

You approach the entrance in question, carefully scanning the perimeter as you walk closer, for the fear of being detected. The librarian, however, is nowhere in sight, likely having returned to her papers. The door itself is as ancient-looking as the rest of the building; dark red in tone, resembling mahogany but not quite the same, it is one solid chunk of carefully polished wood. The keyhole, and likely the entire lock sysem, is also archaic, and although the door is tightly shut at the moment, it seems like any amount of lockpicking skill or brute force could get it open if you were willing to take the risk.

The question is... are you?

Ulysses’ flight echos through the library, and a small part of the young trainer winces at the noise. However, no angry librarian pops out from behind a bookshelf to reprimand her for shattering the silence. The lack of other patrons means the noise likely isn’t disturbing anyone, anyway.

Left to her own devices, Schala tries the mysterious door. It is locked. Of course it is. She berates herself. Why wouldn’t it be, if that terrible woman is so concerned about it staying closed?

It poses a conundrum, however. While Schala could talk herself into causing a bit of noise or opening an unlocked door lacking ‘keep out’ signs, it was a bit different to actually force the lock and damage the door to satisfy her curiosity.

She glances behind her, paranoid that she’d come face to face with the angry librarian for daring to even consider breaking the lock on the door. A part of her was also hoping for Ulysses to return with news of a ladder or the books they were looking for, to make her decision for her.

Is there a way for me to satisfy my curiosity without breaking and entering? She wonders, A way to get through the door without damaging it or the lock?

Lockpicking is something that she has never encountered outside of books, so that was not a feasible option. But another option strikes her.

She glances at a Pokeball at her belt, hesitantly. The Pokemon inside isn’t one she enjoyed dealing with, but he would certainly be useful for her idea.

It’s worth a shot. Better than damaging the door, I guess. Schala grips the Pokeball tightly. What am I even doing? There’s probably nothing interesting in there, and I could get in so much trouble!

Wavering between her curiosity and the possible consequences, she releases the Pokemon inside before her common sense drives her from the door.

A chill spreads through her body as the ghostly form of a Gastly appeared. He floats in front of her face, staring silently with a blank expression.

Shivering slightly from the sudden cold--and from his unnerving gaze--she addresses him quickly, while she still has the nerve.

“Erebos. Could you check what’s behind this door? And maybe unlock it from the other side if you can?” She isn’t sure if the old lock can be unlocked from the other side, but at least this way, she’d have some idea of what was behind the door. And a possible way to get it open without resorting to property damage.

I’m already regretting this! She thinks, feeling a bit nauseous while she waits for one or both of her Pokemon to report back. Why couldn’t I just look at books and stay out of trouble?

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