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Heather: Looking around at the interior of this visitor's center, you can't help but feel a tinge of disappointment. You were looking for excitement and adventure, and, well. This is not exactly that. Still, as an idea flickers to life in your mind, you're hopeful to get some enjoyment out of this visit even if not by... the most lawful of means. To enact the first part of this cunning plan, you make your way across the open room and around the large gathering of people towards this educational area.

The first thing you spy upon reaching your destination is the large model of the plant compound you spied earlier. You see laid out on the table a semicircle of craggy, mountain terrain, inside of which rests the multiple buildings of the plant. Just as you had with the full-scale version, you approach the table from the south, putting the miniature visitor's center right in front of you. At the small building's side, you see a label showing that this building serves not one but three purposes, housing the administration center of the plant as well as primary research facilities. Looking outward over the model, you see that the large building overshadowing everything is the main generator building. The method of generation isn't immediately clear to you, but you do see little figures of Electabuzz and Electrode outside the building model. Past that, you see two much smaller structures, labeled as a switch facility and step-up transmission respectively. The latter, you also see, has tiny little power cables extending towards miniatures of the pylons you saw when approaching the plant. Finally, further back you see a multitude of small buildings, more similar in size to the visitor's center than the main building, all labeled auxiliary facilities with various subtitles showing what they specialized in. A few were extra generator buildings, but others proclaimed secondary research spaces. Beyond these buildings up to the start of the cliffside, the space is empty, simply labeled 'future projects & expansions.'

Turning around, you're about to look at any exhibits along the walls, when an overly cheerful voice rings out over an intercom. "Attention please, anyone still interested in taking the facilities tour, please come sign up at the front desk! There's only a few spots left!"

Well, that's serendipitous. What would you like to do?

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Heather pored over the diorama of the plant intently, taking a distinct interest in the functions of the buildings and their surroundings, mostly in a bid to find out "where would there most likely be wild Pokemon hanging about?" One thing caught her eye in particular, though.

"Oooooh, a research facility? I might be making a few business-related return trips..." Heather muttered to herself. In truth, she was looking into making a start of a career in Electric-Type research. While the research they did here was probably not directly relevant, the types of species such facilities attracted would definitely be a good topic of study. Why, for example, would the area around the Kanto Power Plant-okay no, she was getting off track. She was here to look for Pokemon, and have a good time, but mostly the former, when it came down to it. Even if she was rather likely to end up with an Electrode or something given the diorama, she could certainly hope for something more interesting. Speaking of how to accomplish that, a voice came over the intercom, instructing anyone who wanted to go on the facilities tour to sign up at the front desk. Heather immediately went to the front desk to look for a sign up sheet. The only way this day could yield anything was if she went deeper, after all, and so deeper she would go. Of course, she did want to know a certain something before making the commitment. When she reached the front desk, she got the attention of the person in charge of tour signups.

"Excuse me? I was wondering something about the tour. I'm hoping to get into Electric-Type research, see, so I wanted to know if there would be any opportunities to find wild Electric-Types for capture while on the tour-my first goal is to obtain and study as many Electric-Type species as possible, you see. Or, if not, do you know any place I might go instead around the city?" she asked politely, if a little nervously, given she felt that the answer was probably no.
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