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Butternut's next move was made without orders from Chroma- a Vine Whip to impede Apamin's path. Though this did succeed in holding back the Combee, she was by no means deterred, and pushed harder against the vines, even taking Bites of them like the Bug that she was.

"You can do it, Apamin!" Keith cheered on his Combee, even as he saw the vines start to push her backwards. "Show 'em what you can do!"

"Cooooomb..." Apamin buzzed weakly. As hard as her wings worked, nothing was happening... but hearing Keith cheer her on, hearing the conviction and sincerity behind his encouragement, the Combee could only keep trying. Three smiles formed on her faces as the Bug/Flying-type knew that Keith was finally seeing her for the powerful, formidable Pokémon she was, capable of the sort of greatness around 12% of the population of her species was destined for. She would show them. She would prove Keith's words to have basis in reality. And she would show Butternut that he would need a lot more than a not very effective Grass-type move to keep the likes of her at bay!

All of a sudden, Butternut's vines were holding back a brightly glowing mass of blue-white light. Keith's mouth fell open as his Combee began to change shape. The two side heads shrunk away to become extensions of the middle head. A rock-like protrusion sprouted from where her middle forehead spotted that red dot indicative of the female of the species. More to the point, a large body sprouted from all this- larger wings, arms tipped with sharp claws, and a sizable abdomen with hexagonal shapes adorning the bottom, giving the vague impression that she was wearing a dress. And finally, the vines were shoved aside altogether by the more formidable and imposing who gave a deep yet triumphant buzzing sound.

"Ohhh, yeah!" Keith grinned, taking out his Pokédex and pointing it at what Apamin had become.

"Vespiquen, the Beehive Pokémon, and the evolved form of a female Combee. A Bug and Flying-type," droned the device. "In a colony of Combee, there is only one Vespiquen. It is considered a queen among Combee, and releases pheromones to make Combee do its bidding."

Butternut was moving in for a Take Down at this point. Keith was half-ready to order a Gust attack, but he'd spotted his new Vespiquen's list of moves on his Pokédex- she was packing a lot more options now! "Use Defend Order!" Keith commanded.

"Quennnnnnnn," droned Apamin as the hexagonal openings on her abdomen glowed. These glowing hexagons spread out and grew larger, revealing themselves to be portals- Combee, numerous Combee, flew through them, flying in circles around Apamin, leaving trails of green energy in their wake before flying back through the portals and returning to where they came from. The portals vanished, but the effects did not- Apamin was much more resilient against Butternut's Take Down than she ever would've been as a Combee. The attack was not completely ineffective, in all fairness, but it was clear that Butternut was going to need to pull out all the stops now.

"Let's do this!" Keith exclaimed. "Fury Cutter, let's go!"

"I'm willing to bet, yeah," agreed Anion. "Maybe I oughta battle that Inkay myself, that'd definitely be interesting!"

What? Combee is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Combee evolved into Vespiquen!

*Apamin learned Slash!*

*Apamin learned Fell Stinger!*

*Apamin learned Destiny Bond!*

*Apamin learned Poison Sting!*

*Apamin learned Confuse Ray!*

*Apamin learned Fury Cutter!*

*Apamin learned Pursuit!*

*Apamin learned Fury Swipes!*

*Apamin learned Defend Order!*

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