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Robin warned them that it was a long story, but this did absolutely nothing to deter Keith. Considering what he'd set out to do that morning, what he'd planned on devoting the entire day to doing, Robin's confession had just cleared up his schedule for the entire day. And so Robin launched into the story- the museum in Amperet City, targeted by Team Catalyst due to them possessing what sounded like some variety of Master Ball. Zack, after confessing to having formerly belonged to Team Catalyst, told her where the hideout was, and so she went there, fighting her way past every line of defense Team Catalyst could throw her way. However, she learned the truth about Team Catalyst- far from being the bad guys, their goal was to destroy Project X because it had gone insane. And then came a huge plot twist- Sophie was Project X.

Jack's reaction to this was immediate, as he Transformed into a copy of his own Trainer. "Sophie is Project X?!" the Ditto exclaimed, sounding stunned. "Ah, geez, if only I'd realized this! I could've talked to her, one Ditto to another..."

"Come to think of it, it sounded to me like her beef with Team Catalyst was more personal than she was letting on," Keith remarked. "And for that matter, that explains how she was able to lure those Catalyst grunts to the alley- they were looking for Project X, and, well..."

He stopped, however, to let Robin continue her story- this was when Hazel swiped the Thunder Stone and evolved into Jolteon, and actually defeated Project X. However, if Keith had thought Sophie's identity was the biggest plot twist of the day, he was about to be proven very, very wrong.

Zack. Zack was the mastermind behind everything. He caught Project X with the aformentioned special Poké Ball, he knew who Sophie had been the entire time, and he had been the one feeding lies to both Team Catalyst and the CPA, playing them against each other, using them as pawns in his bid to btain Project X for his own diabolical ends. Telpo had managed to Teleport them out, but he somehow got them to somewhere between this world and the spirit world instead of anywhere remotely resembling safety. Eventually, they reached the gatekeeper, who revealed that they could only return if she had agreed to be reincarnated in a completely different body, seeing as her old one was already starting to decay. This led to Robin waking up in the nearby village, and making this cave her home.

Keith was blown away. "...Zack was using us?" he finally managed. "All that stuff he told us about Team Catalyst was just a bunch of lies? And... I... What even..."

"Yeah, see, that guy's just the worst kind of person," frowned Jack. "If I ever see him again, he'll wish I hadn't, I'll tell you that right now."

Keith nodded as Robin apologized for the length of her story. "Don't sweat it, I told you I wanted to hear it," he assured her. "But holy crap, I can't believe all that happened..."

"I have a question," Millicent spoke up. "How did Telpo manage to Teleport you to a different world?"

"Millicent's got a point," Meowth piped up. "Hebenon and Chromium have screwed up wit Teleport before, but dis is a new one on me."

Keith nodded, though said nothing. If Telpo had somehow accidentally Teleported them to a world between this one and the spirit world, he had a grim feeling as to what that could mean... he didn't voice this concern, however- not within earshot of Millicent, he didn't want to worry her over nothing if he ended up being wrong. He did, however, look at Robin as though silently repeating what his Pokémon asked.

Aster approached Hazel. "Um... I-I didn't want to make you think I d-don't like talking to you," the Shiny Mareanie stated. "Th-the staring was making me a-a little uncomfortable, b-but I'm j-just sometimes very shy l-like that..."

At Voltaire's question, Anion's grin widened. "I like a good battle," she responded. "How about you?"

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