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Much like Luna had said, Keith seemed rather relieved to hear the truth. Surprised no doubt, but that was to be expected.
After the surprise had worn off, Keith was quick to bring up what had happened at Hagane Labs, saying that it made sense her reaction to Telpo's words regarding her disguise.

"Oh that...I-I didn't realize you noticed that..." Robin murmured.

It was then that Keith expressed his interest in hearing the story she had been meaning to say. He wasn't the only either. Meowth also seemed rather interested, as did Millicent and Luna.

"Ok.....i-it's a long story though." Robin began, still kind of uncomfortable over her recent confession.

"I'll start after I left Hagane Labs. I told you Keith that I was going to Amperet City, along with Telpo, r-right? Well me and Telpo made it, and I ended up registering for the tournament that was being hosted there. But before I could advance very far....some agents from the CPA approached me.
It turns out that Amperet City is home to a somewhat famous museum, and inside it is a Pokeball, able to catch any Pokemon. Team Catalyst had managed to raid the place, in order to snatch it....." The young trainer continued.

".....So after Zack confessed to being a former member of Team Catalyst, he told us where their hideout was. With the Pokeball in their grasp, I joined Zack, Sophie, one of my friends, and the other agents of the CPA, and we ended up traveling to their base....."
".....I eventually reached the top of the tower, and managed to beat Team Catalyst's leader....but as it turns out, things weren't as we thought about Team Catalyst. As it turns out, t-they were actually trying to destroy Project X, because it had apparently went insane....."

".....Then I find out that Sophie had been lying to us. I-It turns out...she was Project X, and had been using everyone in order to kill Team Catalyst and get her revenge....."
".....Just when I had given up hope, Hazel managed to snatch my Thunder Stone, and evolved into a Jolteon. That was just enough of a power boost, and Hazel managed to defeat Project X....."

".....But then Zack managed to capture Project X with that special Pokeball I mentioned. It turns out he was well aware of Sophie's true identity. He had been lying about Team Catalyst and the CPA, and was using them both in order to steal Project X for himself....."
".....After Telpo teleported us out, we arrived in a strange place, apparently linked between this world and the spirit world....."

".....So we climbed to the top of the mountain, and the gatekeeper revealed we could return here on one condition. Apparently my body had started to decay on the hike up the mountain, and so the only way back is if I changed forms completely. Like reincarnation....."
".....Eventually I woke up in this village, and I was granted this place as a home." Robin finished.

"I-I'm sorry..I said it was going to be a long story...b-but I think I got everything."

Everything but one detail. She thought. As she had told the story, she had purposely excluded the part where Telpo stayed behind. The Electric type trainer couldn't bring herself to tell anyone that part...not yet anyway.
Hazel simply nodded as Jack made light of the situation. The Ditto then apologized for prying, considering how big of a secret it turned out to be.

"It's...fine. You didn't it's understandable that....y-you'd have some questions.
"Anion that's a very beautiful name....perfect for you then." Voltaire smiled, before giving the Minun a quick wink.
"So Anion, what do you like to do for fun? I'm sure we can find something to do...unless you're just into chatting, that's fine too."

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