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Robin seemed to squirm in response to the attention Keith was paying to her, before stating that there was something Keith needed to know before the story could be told. Keith waited patiently as she seemed to try and work up the courage to actually say it, but in the end, she told Keith that he no longer needed to try and find the friend he was looking for- that friend was in fact her.

Keith's eyes widened, understandably surprised by this statement. Robin added that he could verify this with Luna, and even as she said this, the Swoobat nodded, confirming Robin's words as truth, but Keith had actually found himself rather inclined to believe Robin- she referred to the friend by name, and Keith had not at any point actually said this friend's name to be "Jake" during this visit.

Seconds later, once the initial shock wore off, however, Keith's look of surprised changed... to a relieved smile. "It's really you?" he said to Robin. "I... Wow. I... I'm glad you're OK," he smiled. "I would say I didn't see this coming in the slightest, except when I think back... this actually kinda explains one thing me and Peeves were wondering about- when Telpo said it'd take a lot to make you look like a girl, back when we were disguising ourselves, you seemed to flinch, like you took it as an insult or something." He nodded as Robin offered to tell Keith how it happened, looking very interested in hearing it. "I'll say it again, I'd love to hear it," he said, his tone of voice one of sincere interest. Luna said no more, but merely flew around behind Keith, looking interested in hearing the story, as well as giving Robin a small, "I-told-you-so" kind of smile.

Meowth, meanwhile, climbed back onto Keith's shoulder as Voltaire went to meet Anion. "Wat'd I miss?" Meowth asked.

"A fairly important detail, actually," Keith replied. "As it turns out, we ended up on the right track to finding Jake after all- Jake and Robin are one and the same."

Meowth had not expected Keith to have known this already, considering how hard Voltaire tried to get him to keep it a secret. Still, though, a promise was a promise. "I had a feelin'," Meowth nodded. "Dat Pikachu we saw on da way in? Dat was Tessa. Exact same Cosplay Pikachu from Albus's party. Not ta mention, Robin weren't nearly as surprised at me talkin' as she tried ta seem, I could tell dat right away. It sounds like we's missed out on a lotta stuff ova da past few months, yeah?" he asked Robin.

"It seems so," nodded Keith. "Robin's just about to fill us in on it, if you want to listen."

"Yeah, I'll listen," Meowth nodded. "We been wonderin' where youse was da past few months in any case," he said to Robin. Even Millicent was paying attention by this point- she and Willow had both heard Robin's confession, and the Timburr at least looked interested in hearing the story- it was hard to tell if Willow was interested just by looking, of course.

Before Hazel could say much else, Robin had told Keith the truth, and Jack overheard it. "...I caught it, yeah," the Ditto nodded, looking quite surprised. "That... that would explain it, yeah. You're not looking for your Trainer because you never lost your Trainer."

"Oh, s-so, she's the friend K-Keith was having us help him l-look for?" Aster asked, glancing up at Robin.

"That's the one, yeah," Jack nodded. "Ah, geez," he added to Hazel. "This was some kinda big secret, wasn't it, and I just kept asking away, I didn't even realize I was prying into something like that. Sorry about that," he apologized to the Jolteon.

Anion grinned as the Emolga introduced himself. "Hiya," the Minun replied. "The name's Anion, good to meet you, too!"

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