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Robin couldn't help but squirm in her seat as Keith's attention was cast at her.

"Ok, well umm...y-you see, before I start the story...there's umm....something you need to know." The young trainer began.

"You mentioned your friend earlier....t-the one going to Amperet City, h-how you were trying to find them, yes? Well you umm...." Robin trailed off, unable to finish her sentence.
With her face flushed a beat red, the Electric type specialist found herself looking at her shoes, unable to make eye contact with Keith.

Deep breaths, deep breaths.

"You don't have to k-keep've come to the r-right place." Robin continued. "W-what I'm trying to say is......umm....I'm...I'm that friend. The one you knew to be Jake."

"I-I know that might be hard to believe...b-but it's the can ask Luna, if you don't believe me." The young woman murmured.
"I-if you're still willing to listen to me...I-I can tell you how all this happened though..."
"I see...." Hazel said upon hearing what Jack and his trainer had originally been looking for Jake.
Lost in thought, the Jolteon began to debate if it would wise for him to tell Jack where they had last been. Surely the Ditto would ask him soon enough about where he had last seen his trainer, right? But telling Jack would just lead the Ditto and his trainer to another dead end...
Luckily for Hazel, the Jolteon didn't have too long to debate this. Catching his trainer's confession to Keith, the Jolteon gave Jack a weak smile. Confused as he was about his trainer's change of heart, it certainly made things easier for the lightning Pokemon.

"Did you...catch that? If so...I think you can understand...why I've been sticking with Robin."
Upon returning to the living room, Meowth pointed to the Minun Keith had sent out.

"Oh! It seems luck is on my side today. She seems just as beautiful as I thought she'd be." Voltaire smiled, before turning to Meowth.

"Thanks for the help, but I think I've got this from here. Farewell for now." He said, giving the scratch cat Pokemon a quick wave, before rushing over to Anion.
"Hello there." Voltaire greeted the Minun, once he had approached her.
"My name's Voltaire..I'm one of Robin's Pokemon, if you couldn't tell. It's a pleasure to meet you."
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