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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
The Adoption Centre had recently changed its rules. One adoption per month was the new way things rolled, and it was probably the only reason that Alice Hope hadn't been in and out, sweeping up most of the critters in the damn place. Perhaps the biggest surprise was that she was a day 'late' from what was permissable, but it was simply because Alice had taken her time when considering all of her options.

Dressed as stylishly as ever, her clothes reflecting the summer season that was nearing its end, the blonde greeted her old acquaintances, asking after them as she always did. Alice was renowned for being chatty, after all, often rambling away as she made an entrance and exit and waving and greeting various Pokemon she passed (it also made her feel worse when they saw her go in, time after time, not to be picked and still there...). Her Spearow was still swearing away, Alice assured them, and was now named Felix. Nani liked dragging and carrying her around when she was feeling lazy. The trainer lamented it didn't help her get more active, but Alice wasn't going to discourage her (or not seriously, anyway).

This visit was for a doggo, it seemed. She had contemplated adopting one for a long time, and this was finally the moment, peering into the enclosure which contained the remaining dark pair. Alice felt her heart clench at the thought of leaving one all alone, but hopefully she had other Pokemon and people friends at the Centre to keep her company. Maybe these two didn't actually get along and this was a blessing? Arceus, that might actually be better. "Hey there, little puppies. I've come to take one of you home today." She didn't actually know their personalities very well, but by now the staff of this place probably did, so she had left it up to them to decide who might suit her better. "There's lots of space to run around and chase tails at the Cloud Garden, and some faces you might recognise are back at home, too. What about it, huh?" She already had a Poke Ball prepared, and the necessary $200 fee in the pocket of her shorts (it was too windy out for a skirt). Here's hoping they were a match made in Heaven, and that this would be worth any other heartbreak...

A ginger haired volunteer with cat-eye eyeglasses lead one of the Poochyena out of the Dark-type enclosure on a leash, grinning as she presented the young female to you for approval. A particularly scruffy individual, with thick wavy grey fur, the young vivverid yipped once in greeting and pawed the ground, bright red eyes peering up at you searchingly. Of the two bright cherry orbs, the left stands out most brightly; the fur around it is discolored in a paler, nearly-white grey patch that you swear is almost heart shaped.

“Poochyena are so fascinating,” the staffer breathes, sucking saliva through her braces as she unhooks the leash from the red leather collar around the Pokémon’s neck. The bands on them are bright red, you happen to notice. “There are all sorts of myths about them, but my favorite one is from the middle east -- some cultures say that they’re symbols of love.”

She grins as she nudges the Poochyena towards you. The Poochyena cocks her head at you, and blinks, whining softly. Then she takes a seat on her haunches, never breaking eye contact with you; the crimson of her gaze is almost intoxicating. Does she adore you, or does she demand you adore her? It’s bizarrely hard to tell. You shake your head, trying to dismiss whatever weird thought the staffer has put into your head, but it’s no use. She wags her tail against the grass, mouth falling open in what you easily anthropomorphize as a grin. Yes, she loves you, clearly. And you love her, very, very much...

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Poochyena confirmed.
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