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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Tsareena


Leaving your frustrations with the thirsty guard in the past, you focused yourself on your next riddle. You wandered throughout the tropical domain with your Pineco, looking for something that might give you a hint. At the base of a tree with a twisted trunk, you spot a patch of what you were looking for. The mushrooms are tightly attached to the tree, and look to be hungrily sapping its nutrients. They come in several colors, ranging from off white to dark, poisonous looking red. You reach for your signature color, pink, but are startled by a voice from behind you.

“Wait don’t!” Someone beside you pushes your hand away before the mushroom lets out a bright light. It is a girl in a lab coat similar to Persimmon’s, but she looks comparatively much neater. She makes eye contact with you through red frames before spores lightly dust over her skin. “Oh…that’s not good,” she mumbles, then woozily falls to the ground. You and Farren reach down to check on her, and find that she is just sleeping. In the pocket of her lab coat there is a slip of paper, sticking out just enough for you to read “ICE”. The mushroom she had fallen victim to jumped up out of the ground, revealing a cute face with two black eyes. Angry eyes. The Pokemon scrambles up on to the girl with its three tiny legs. It latches itself on to her face, and glows brightly as it begins to drain her energy. You notice this one is rather tiny, but definitely has enough determination to get its fill from its human victim.
Alice had been about to do something stupid, probably, but some smarter stroller-by pushed her away. It was very much at their own expense, and there was predictable panic and cursing as the young woman crouched down to check on her saviour. Thankfully they were only asleep, and there were plenty of people around either way, but still.

The paper sticking out of her pocket was a possible godsend. As a diabetic, the initials of 'In Case of Emergency' were something she was familiar with, although Alice had thankfully not needed aid to that extent yet. She plucked it out, about to read, when something had the human shrieking and whimpering up a storm. Some Alolan Pokemon that Alice didn't immediately recognise, and in the middle of her fuss - 'Holy fuck! Holy shit, Farren, kill it, get it, oh my god what the f--' - she forgot to get out her Pokedex. Well, RIP her, honestly.

"Oh god, it's gonna murder her, what the hell? Farren, Farren--" The Pineco was already stood as if ready for battle, red eyes fixated on the enemy. He was obviously a lot more calm about this mess than his trainer was. Somebody had to be. The duo had to be careful, or else they might cause more harm to the damsel. "Okay, okay--" The trainer tried to collect her frayed nerves, stood up again with the important paper clutched in shaking hand, "Use iron defense, then a barrage of swift to knock it away! If it comes at you, use protect, we got this, boy!"
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