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Luna's expression finally changed, albeit slightly- the smallest of smiles crossed her face as Robin's thoughts trailed off, the Electric-type specialist trying and utterly failing to think of any sort of plausible excuse to not tell her friend the truth. Robin told Keith she needed to think for a moment, and Luna could tell that Robin couldn't think of anything that was both worth telling and didn't blow her cover. Finally, she asked Keith whether she could, instead of talking about any of her Pokémon, tell him a story about herself. "Well sure," Keith nodded. "Sure, I'm fine with that, I'd love to hear it." He sat back, paying attention, waiting to hear what Robin had to say.

Jack raised a single jiggly eyebrow in response to the weak excuse Hazel gave. "Ehh, well, I dunno- the rain don't bother me much," he admitted. "Me, I got the luxury of just turning into a Lombre or something, and suddenly I'm loving the rain, y'know? But yeah, you got me with not knowing where to start looking. That's what we were doing, me and my Trainer- we're looking for a lead on where to start looking for Jake. Last Keith knew, Jake was headed to somewhere called Amperet City."

"I'll let 'em know," Meowth nodded to Cayenne before stepping on the warp panel. As soon as they were back where they'd started, Meowth pointed to the yellow and blue Electric-type Keith had sent out. "Dat's her," he said. "Looks like Keith really did bring her."

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