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To try and prove that Robin wasn't a coward, Luna brought up how she and Keith had infiltrated Hagane Labs. According to the Swoobat, Keith had described the event as "pretty awesome".

While at the time, Robin could see why Keith would describe the raid as awesome, the mere mention of Team Catalyst left a bitter taste in her mouth. Not only that, but Sophie and Keith had been the two who managed to pull anything off.
The best thing she had done, was help in the battle against one of the Catalyst admins. Even then, Keith had to jump in to save the day when several of her Pokemon had been brainwashed. If anything, the story only helped further prove Robin's point, at least in her mind.

Luna continued, pointing out that even if the Electric type trainer was causing Keith needless drama and worry (something that the Swoobat doubted), that Robin had a perfect chance to stop his worrying.

I know but... Robin trailed off. Not a single excuse was coming to mind at that moment.

Instead, the young trainer turned her attention back to Keith, just as the Poison type specialist repeated what Robin had previously missed.

"A story about one of my Pokemon?" She questioned. "Umm, let think about that for a moment."

Racking her brain for a safe story she could tell Keith, the young trainer was left feeling stumped. Of the Pokemon she had available, none of them had any great stories..none that Robin could share to Keith, anyway. But one Pokemon kept popping into her head. Telpo.
Was it Luna's mention of Hagane Labs that prompted it? Or was it the Abra's recent sacrifice that kept him drifting in the young woman's mind?
Regardless, it didn't take long before Telpo's final words came rushing back to her. The Abra had wanted his trainer to inform Millicent of what had transpired, as well as to apologize to her. And to do that....she had to inform Keith as well right? She had to do this then.

Not just for Keith, but for Telpo and Millicent as well.

"Look Keith...I was umm...thinking maybe...I could tell you a story about myself instead." Robin murmured. "I-if you're ok with that..."
Jack seemed to find little sense in Hazel's words. After stating that he'd go nuts trying to find his trainer if they were separated, the Ditto questioned if Robin was just Hazel's new trainer, like Jake had never existed.

"It's umm...not's raining right? No point looking when it's raining." Hazel said, giving Jack a weak smile.
"B-besides...I wouldn't even know...where to start. This's a pretty big place."
Voltaire seemed a little offended as Meowth called his bluff, stating that it was "mobster movie garbage".

The Emolga was about to speak up, but stopped himself as Meowth brought up Anion once again. The scratch cat Pokemon also went on about some 2012 Halloween event, but Voltaire was hardly listening anymore.
Already the Emolga was coming up with all sorts of scenarios involving him and Anion, Meowth was just about the last thing on his mind.

But with another mention of Anion from the scratch cat Pokemon, Voltaire snapped back to reality.
"Right, I'm coming." The Emolga smiled before rushing past Meowth and out the door, before eventually reaching the kitchen.

"Oh you're back! I just wanted to let you know that your food will be served shortly! Be sure to let the others know!" Cayenne chirped, upon noticing Voltaire.

"Ok yeah." Voltaire said, brushing the Torchic off.
He then stopped beside the warp panel in the corner of the room, waiting for Meowth to step on it first.
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