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Robin would be able to hear the small sigh Luna thought in response to her own thoughts. She did agree that Keith ought to know, but also claimed to be too cowardly to be the one to tell him. She believed, as Luna could pick up on, that all she did was cause unnecessary drama or worry in Keith's life. Coward? Luna repeated telepathically. The way Keith tells the story of how you two infiltrated Hagane Labs, you don't sound like a coward. I believe "pretty awesome" were his exact words. And besides, even if all you did was cause him unnecessary drama and worry, which I sincerely doubt to be the case, you have here a perfect opportunity to stop his worrying, don't you? A pause. I think you do deserve a friend like Keith, she added. Like I said, I won't tell him. Not unless you want me to, but I think this is something he ought to hear from you.

Keith was a little puzzled, as well as a little concerned, as Robin apologetically claimed to have spaced out and missed his previous words. The last time this happened was when Luna was having a telepathic conversation with the person in question at the same time, but Luna almost never did that while Keith was talking to the person, not unless it was something the Swoobat deemed of vital importance. "It's fine," Keith replied, electing not to bring it up for the moment. "I was saying that I got a lot of stories about my Pokémon, and then I asked if you'd be willing to tell me the stories behind any of your Pokémon. I'd like to hear 'em."

"Not a good idea- wha- that don't make no sense," the Ditto stated. "If I got separated from Keith here, I'd be going nuts trying to reunite with the guy, and I don't even wanna know how Aster would deal with being separated from him. So, what, this Robin person's just your new Trainer now, and it's like Jake never existed or something? There's gotta be more to it then that, c'mon."

Meowth listened as Voltaire confirmed Meowth's suspicions. "I knew it!" Meowth declared as quietly as he could. "Dere was way too many coincidences pilin' up fer it all ta really be coincidence! And I knew Robin weren't dat surprised by my talkin'! Dat's why it was like she knew, cuz we met before!" Then, however, Voltaire gave a rather dark threat, making mention of friends of his, friends Meowth wouldn't want to tangle with. "Youse can spare me da mobster movie garbage," Meowth retorted. "I already promised I wouldn't tell, and I don't break promises dat easy. Speakin' o' which, I gots a Minun ta introduce ya to, don't I? But I will say dis," he added. "Even if I ain't da one ta tell him, someone's gotta fill Keith in on dis. Jake- er, Robin's his friend. I weren't lyin' earlier, da whole reason we ended up here was because we was out tryin' ta find Jake. Keith's worried about his friend, and I hate seein' him worried. And if yer tinkin' dis'll freak him out, I'd like ta point out his girlfriend's da Banette from da Halloween 2012 incident. He don't freak out easy." Meowth paused to take a breath. "I ain't gonna tell him, even if I did find yer threat ta be threatenin', but I stands by wat I said- if not me, den someone's gotta let him know. Now c'mon," he added, turning to leave the room. "Ya wanna meet Anion or not?"

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