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Just as Robin had predicted, Luna chimed in as the Electric type specialist called into question whether the Swoobat had gone behind her back.

After saying that she didn't break promises, Luna continued on with the point she was trying to make early. Though the Swoobat believed that Keith had picked the story by pure chance, it helped to demonstrate what Luna was trying to say.
Bringing up both the incident when the young woman had killed her father, or her suicide attempt four years ago, Luna pointed out that Keith had been there for her in both cases. The Poison type trainer had accepted that the murder wasn't Robin's fault, and was quick to stop her attempt to take her own life.
Even now, Keith had not only noticed her absence, but was even putting an effort into finding her.

Hearing these things put into perspective, it made Robin realize something. As much as she hated to admit it, Luna was right. Keith had done a lot for her, and had proven to be a good friend. But did she truly deserve it?
The only thing that she had really done for Keith, was create drama he didn't need to be involved in...or even causing him worry, as was the case now.

As these thoughts continued to drift in the Electric type trainer's mind, she turned her attention back to her conversation with Keith, only to catch the tail end of it.

Having two conversations going at once was certainly hard, and something the young woman had little experience at. If she wasn't neglecting what Keith had been saying, her conversation with Luna surely would have taken a back seat.

"Oh, umm...I'm sorry." Robin apologized. "I didn't quite catch that...I kind of spaced out for a moment. Sorry."

With that taken care of, Robin once again began to focus on what she was going to say to Luna.

You're right, I think Keith should know the truth. The young trainer thought.
But I don't think I can tell him. I'm too much of a coward it seems. I'm sorry to disappoint you.
"T-that's right." Hazel replied to Jack's questions. "It's....a long story on how we got split up though."

"B-but I don't think trying to find them....I don't think it'd be a great idea." The Jolteon added, this time addressing both Jack and Aster.
"Ok good." Voltaire nodded as Meowth agreed to his conditions.

"Well were already on us about it to start, yes, both Hazel and Tessa are the same ones you saw at your party." The Emolga whispered.
"Anyway, your real asked if your trainers friend and Robin, if they were the same, yeah? Well..umm..." Voltaire trailed off, before clearing his throat.
"That's also true. They're the same person." The Emolga finished. "No I don't know how that exactly happened, Tessa only gave me the brief details."

"But now that you know, I thought I'd make you aware of something." Voltaire said, turning back to his normal volume.

"I have some friends....friends you wouldn't exactly want to meet in a dark alley. Should I hear you blabbed about anything you heard here, well, let's just say all nine of your lives might...disappear."
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