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Do held items increase the power of Hidden Power?

I'm looking for a move that's spammable in high qualities. In RBY, the set was Thrash/Earthquake/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt.

Thrash has been nerfed and if I have to go physical, I would prefer using the STAB instead. Fighting-type is good against Normal/Dark/Rock/Steel, which helps out for the few physical walls Nidoking can't otherwise break with Eartquake.

The two options I've been looking at:

Submission (with Leftovers)
Hidden Power Fighting (with Blackbelt)

Hidden Power would have a power of 77 with max IV and a boost. Submission is 80 with recoil, and consistent damage, but Leftovers sort of mitigates that.

Which is the better option?
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