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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Maskerade- As you comply with Sir Bryant's demands, you notice the knight's look turn even more sour. Suddenly you are struck in the chest by an invisible force, that sends you stumbling back a few steps."Watch your tongue professor, otherwise you might find yourself employed as the castle's new jester." It was clear Sir Bryant wasn't one to joke, his harsh tone expressed a stern personality. Taking the arrow from you he quickly examines it, "Riolu, here, now." The Riolu quickly darts out from behind the Metagross and rushes to the knight's side. Sir Bryant hands the arrow to the Riolu, who takes it in his paws."I take no pleasure in hunting this Decidueye, it used to be a protector of this place, a valiant Pokemon who protected those who couldn't protect themselves. Now though, now it has changed. We have received multiple reports of both people and Pokemon being attacked here lately, all evidence has pointed towards the Decidueye."

Sir Bryant placed his arms across his chest, his armour groans as he does so. "As for your question on how I pacify wayward troublemakers, that depends on how much they annoy me." The knight glares at you, clearly the two of you have not hit it off."Anyway, the Decidueye is an experienced hunter and tracking it by normal means is beyond impossible. That is why I enlisted the aid of this Riolu, I intend to track the Decidueye's aura, it should give off a particularly dark aura considering its recent change in behaviour. What kind of researcher are you exactly? While bringing the Decidueye to justice would complete my mission, finding out why it has changed could prove to be more important. If you were to lend your aid in this endeavour than I would see you rightfully rewarded, I would even let you keep that head upon your shoulders." Then you saw it, a smirk that revealed the knight did have a sense of humour, even if it was a little twisted.
For some reason - despite Rorik being nothing but positively cordial and polite to the strange cosplayer! - the man calling himself "Sir" Bryant was none to pleased with the Porofessor, going as far as to have one of his Pokémon attack him for no objectively good reason. Unless...

Oh. Oh dear. He... he's an actual knight, isn't he? Oh dear...

The sudden realization made Rorik contemplate Sir Bryant in a whole new light. It also made him understand, with no small amount of horror, how utterly and completely he had insulted the man of arms. And ultimately, it made him feel fortunate his head was indeed still resting atop his shoulders, as Sir Bryant so "humorously" remarked.

A Riolu and a Metagross... That imposing aura... in a way, there are many similarities to be drawn with Levin Sanders, Gottfried's current Challenger for the tile of Heimlan Champion...

In a way, Rorik felt that apologizing didn't quite cut it anymore. If he wanted to make up for his initial blunder, proving himself useful to Sir Bryant might be the better option - especially since the knight specifically requested his services as a researcher. After all, if it came down to fighting, wouldn't a powerful Metagross or a mystical Riolu do an infinitely better job than he ever could?

And that's not all. Looking into Decidueye's sudden change of heart might provide valuable insight into the inner workings of Pokemon feelings - which, in turn, might make Bonds somewhat easier to figure out. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in Decidueye's abnormal behavior for my own purposes...

He glanced over at Munchlax, whose eyes shifted between Metagross and Riolu. The bear's expression, however, wasn't its usual hungry one; for some reason, Rorik got the impression that his partner was actually sizing up Sir Bryant's Pokémon... as if it could ever hope to go toe-to-toe with either of them. Even if for completely different reasons, it seemed Munchlax too wanted to tag along.

As for Staryu, it had already made its way over to the imposing knight, gem flickering happily, more than willing to keep exploring, if only just for the sake of it. The starfish, Rorik had come to realize, often did things for the simple pleasure of abstract discovery, rather than taking an objective interest in either people or Pokémon. The reasons for Decidueye's shift in behaviour likely mattered nothing to Staryu, while the journey towards the rogue bird meant everything.

"Well, Sir Bryant... I would very much like to accompany you then," finally declared Rorik. "Hopefully my expertise in the nature of bonds will provide some manner of clue as to why this all happened."

The Professor, of course, used the term "expertise" quite loosely, but he did have a degree. That ought to count for something, right?

"Well, where do we start?"

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