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Originally Posted by Patches View Post

Rorik – After taking too long for Staryu’s liking, they decide that a Water Gun to the face will make this go faster. Staryu wasn’t wrong, the blast of water not only made it so that you now have water dripping from your chin, it also gave you the answer to this next riddle! With your destination in mind, you turn around and allow your Pokemon to take the lead, heading back to where you came from. After a 5-minute walk, you are now back at the entrance, which you find very strange since it felt like you were traveling that path for well over an hour in search of lavender.

With the answer to your clue in mind, you continue to follow Staryu to the only location that seems to fit the description. Fortunately, the path to the fountain is quick and straight forward and you find yourself arriving there within minutes. The first thing you notice is that there is a maintenance man bare foot with his pants rolled up to his knees, standing inside of the small fountain and twisting the Petilil figure that decorates the center. As you approach, you also notice that this man has a white envelope that matches the previous two sticking out of his back pocket. Once you are beside the fountain, the man finishes twisting the Petilil figure and pulls it off, turning to place it down onto the fountains edge which is when he notices you standing there. “Sorry sir, this fountain is out of order but should be back in tiptop condition in no time, there are plenty other decorations you can take a look at while you wait. The water in here hasn’t been flowing so I’m here to find out why.”

After making sure the Petilil figure is sitting stable on the ledge he turns back around and looks down into the now open center with his flashlight. “Ah! The pump is completely clogged!” He hops out of the fountain and bends down, digging through a tool bag he has sitting on the ground. “Welp, this is going to be a long day. I didn’t bring the proper tools for something like this, but I’ve got to get the job done somehow...” He then pulls out two screw drivers and gets back into the water fountain and sticks the screwdrivers into the hole at the top, using them in a way similar to a pair of chopsticks as he attempts to pull whatever is stuck in there, out. He doesn’t appear to be making any progress so this is probably going to take all day and you can’t help but stare at that envelope in his back pocket.
The first thing Rorik notices, to his profound astonishment, is thst the fountain caretaker is an ordinary looking man. And there was nothing wrong with being "ordinary", but...

"O-oh, hello! My name is Rorik," said the Professor, struggling as always to make small talk. " I didn't realize Queen Lilligant employed humans in her realm to begin with! Well, you... You are being paid to work for her, r-right?"

Because the alternative to that would be that the man had been enslaved by the ruling Pokemon, and Rorik really didn't want to find himself in the same position, should his team lose. The very thought was... deeply unsettling to say the least, so he made a conscious effort to think of something else entirely.

"Th-these are some lovely figures! Lovely fountains actually, lovely garden." How he'd managed to say lovely three times instead of messy, his actual opinion of the whole thing, was a miracle. "I guess I'll wait then, no problem! Take your time, good man."

It wasn't until Rorik took a step back that he was certain - the gardener most definitely had the next clue in his possession. In his back pocket to be precise, which was a place Rorik himself would never use to store important documents, but to each his own.

Still, maintenance did seem to be taking ages. Not even two simultaneous screwdrivers and the man's expertise seemed to get the job done, and the Professor's patience was withering. Besides...

I wonder if he will be punished for failing to repair that fountain. If he'll be... flogged with Vine Whips, or worse... Oh dear. Maybe I...

His mind made up, he finally spoke up, clearing his throat beforehand to make sure he got the gardener's attention.

"Good sir, if I may? I think I should be able to help," he said cautiously, not wanting to offend the professional. "You see, I have a partner who is very skilled at clearing out unwanted debris..."

Dropping to one knee, he whispered his instructions to the ever-dependable Staryu.

"I'm afraid you'll have to get a little dirty... I need you to Minimize to get inside that pipe, then clear out the clogging with Rapid Spin, or even Gyro Ball if it's particularly stuck. That should help us gain precious time in restoring the fountain's water flow!"

Rorik was still unsure, but why wouldn't it work? The maneuver could clear out all manner of hazards, from nagging spikes to stealthy boulders... Surely it could remove a bit of garbage from a pipe? Well... at least he hoped it could...
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