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Luna's expression did not change as she perceived Robin's response. Because I know Keith, she replied simply. I know him well. Better than many are able to say. Certainly well enough that his ownership enabled me to evolve. She paused while Robin listened to Keith talking about his Banette, then continued. I do not break promises, the Swoobat continued. I have not told Keith a thing. That he chose to tell that particular story, I believe it to be pure coincidence. Regardless of why he chose to relate that story, however, I'm glad he did, for I think it illustrates the point I'm trying to make quite nicely. Keith Masters is not someone who can easily be made to hate someone, least of all someone he considers a good friend, such as you. He fell in love with the Banette who tried to kill him in 2012. After learning about the incident with your father in the Bar, he not only accepted that it was not your fault, but also hastened to stop you from killing yourself. And as he already mentioned, he has not only noticed your months-long absence, but has actively tried to find you. What I'm trying to say is, if ever there was a person you could entrust with the truth about yourself and not need to fear hatred, you are standing before him here and now. I would stake my pride as a Psychic-type on this.

"Thanks," Keith nodded as Robin called the story nice. "I got other stories about my other Pokémon, too, though if it's OK, I'd actually like to hear any stories you got about your Pokémon, Robin," he added.

"Gone?" Jack repeated. "What the... how'd that even happen? And, what, you can't find Jake either?"

"C-c-can I help in any w-way?" Aster piped up, sounding concerned.

Meowth followed Voltaire to a large room, one which seemed quite well suited for Pokémon battles. After checking to ensure they were alone with levels of paranoia that would make Ginny proud, the Emolga spoke up, first to tell Meowth that he was not to tell anyone who his source was, and second, that what he was about to learn was to be kept a secret from everyone, Keith included. Meowth immediately got the feeling that this would end up being something he'd want to tell Keith straightaway, but on the other hand, he really friggin' needed to know. "Alright, I agree," he relented.

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