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As Hyrem rejoined Gary in the aquarium room, he noticed all of Gary’s equipment and buckets of food. After asking if it was okay to send out his own water Pokemon, Gary grinned and responded, “No worries, send them out if you wish! The more the merrier!” He then fastened lids onto buckets, only with some small holes to prevent air from getting trapped inside. “C’mon, let’s get in!” Gary said before handing a rebreather to Hyrem and placing his own in his mouth.

Holding a bucket in each arm, Gary carefully walked to the left side of the aquarium and climbed a tall step ladder to the top. He sat over the ledge of the tank and dipped his legs into the water. “It’s a little chilly, but hopefully you’ll get used to it once you’re fully underwater,” he chuckled with a muffled voice through the rebreather. “Alright, breakfast time guys!” he called out to the Pokemon who swam below and around him before slipping into the water along with the buckets.

Gary took a couple of test breaths near the surface to make sure the rebreather was working fine, and once he was satisfied, he submerged himself and swam deeper into the middle of the aquarium. Aero the Mantine was first to greet him, slowly circling his trainer while swimming sideways with a big smile on his face. Sensei the Alomomola floated over next, his hand-shaped fins swaying back and forth above and below his head. Devine the Kingdra slowly hovered her way over, while Apollo the Chinchou hung back but shyly inched his way closer. Gary pet each of them in turn before setting the food buckets down on the bottom of the tank.

“First things first,” he announced, not forgetting about the Pyukumuku who had gone into hiding. “Now, where has Pickle gotten off to?” he asked and watched as Sensei swam over to a rock formation that formed a small cave. Gary swam over as well and reached into the hole, resting his hands on something squishy and slimy. He gently held onto it and pulled the resting Pokemon out. As he saw what he held in his hands, Gary nearly spat out the rebreather in shock before using one hand to push it back into place. “Pickle! You’re… green! Like an actual pickle!” The Pyukumuku he held in his arms squirmed uncomfortably, looking embarrassed and sighed, “Pyuu…”

Gary couldn’t believe what he saw for a minute. Pickle, who was once a dark shade of gray with magenta protrusions growing from her back, was now a lime green with yellow spikes. He racked his brain to come up with some kind of reasoning why her colors had changed, but all he could hypothesize was that she was newly hatched and moved to a vastly different environment from her native Springtime Isle. Seeing the concern and embarrassment on her face, Gary squished Pickle up against his cheek. “Don’t worry Pickle, you look great! You’re one of a kind!” Hearing her trainer’s compliments, Pickle’s demeanor relaxed and she seemed to look a lot happier. “Pyuu!” she called out as Gary pat her one more time before sitting her down on a rock. Apollo and Sensei swam up to her to offer their support as well.

“Alright guys, one last order of business before our guest comes in and it’s feeding time!” Gary called out, pulling out a pair of Pokeballs. “We’ve got two new companions to introduce, so be nice!” He tossed the two balls and released the contents into the water. First up, a Krabby appeared, who looked around and waved his pincer in greeting. “This is Tamatoa. He likes hoarding shiny things so be careful.” Tamatoa smiled innocently and shuffled along the bottom of the tank, climbing up onto a rock. “Next up is Leviathan. He’s young, but I hope you all play nice with him, especially you, Devi!” A Skrelp appeared and slowly began to take in his surroundings. Upon seeing a similar-looking sea horse, Levi quickly swam over to Devine, sticking close to her. Devine gazed down at him curiously and smiled. It looked like the introductions were a success, as Devi took Levi under her wing as Gary had hoped. Now that he was ready to begin the feeding, he looked over at Hyrem and waited for him to enter the tank with his Pokemon.
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