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Originally Posted by Selena View Post
Well to be fair, the really cool weapons can be collected again at fixed spots every moon cycle. So that's the repairing thing I guess. And if your weapons only last half the encounter you are either playing on hard mode, or didn't find actual weapons, instead of boko-crap.

I will give you that it's annoying.
Boko weapons aren't too horrible this early, because the second-tierish drops are still equivalent to "real" weapons I find and I'm usually picking them up because I broke my previous weapon on the original owner's skull. At worst that saves the durability of your "real" weapons a few points while you use it to beat on his buddies.

But then, that's kind of the problem: this is the sort of mechanic you would expect in a survival/horror game to add the tension of making do with limited resources and/or as a way to encourage combat only as a last resort, and Breath of the Wild simply isn't balanced that way. It feels incongruous because it's a scarcity mechanic without the actual scarcity in 95% of all circumstances, and it winds up having you play a lot of inventory Tetris in the middle of combat for dubious benefits to the gameplay.

I think the intent was to be a "soft gate" mechanic: you can't kill a Lynel and take all its cool stuff hour one if the handful of sticks you brought break before you can even budge the health bar, even if you do have the dodging skills of an AGDG turbo autist. They seem to have settled on this method because they apparently weren't willing to compromise on other mechanics (e.g. cooking buffs being so over the top that I can cook a dish that gives me 20 temporary hearts when I'm rolling around with 8 normal ones, being able to shove 50 fairies down my Hylian codpiece to become nigh-immortal, etc.), but the consequence is that it stands out even more as a result.

Also you have to be standing close to your horse to summon it (which makes fast travel more of a pain to use than it should be), but the same stable masters who tell you "it's not a magic horse : ^)" can reach through space and time to retrieve one from the other side of the map so that's kind of stupid too.
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