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Ho-oh Kalapona Wai: A big tree in Swiftwing Wood! [Tate's Base]

A big tree in Swiftwing Wood!

In the northeast of Kalapona Wai is Swiftwing Wood, a forest known for the unusually large number of avian species which live inside. Difficult to navigate and full of territorial wildlife, making ones way through the wood can prove to be challenging, and much of its sprawling acreage remains unexplored by the lay traveler. Deep, deep within, past innumerable twists and up countless ledges, beyond thorny bushes and tall grass, it is said that there is a big tree in a clearing, and that someone a bit eccentric has made residence inside the mighty arbor. If you're willing to make the hike -- and if you have a little guidance from some familiar aves -- you might yet discover it for yourself.

The Big Tree
A wooden sign driven into the earth outside of the big tree reads "Tate's Base of Operations". Talon marks mar the upper edge and the faint white stains of mute discolor the wood, as if a great many birds have perched upon it. A wooden ladder leads from the ground up to a small deck in the canopy of the tree, where a makeshift house has been built into the strong and ancient limbs. From the deck, you may enter the home through a wooden door, but it might be more polite if you knock first...

The Sparkling Spring
A cool spring wells up from the ground next to the big tree; the water is rich in minerals and always refreshing. It glitters like a gemstone under the light of the sun and moon, almost opalescent in its brilliance. Guests are welcome to play here to their hearts contentment. Pokémon who favor this area: Kahakai the Vaporeon; Niho the Feraligatr; Kalamena the Wooper;

The Flower Field
Opposite the sparkling spring is a great expanse of vibrant, blooming wildflowers throughout most of the year. Particularly attractive to Grass- and Bug-types, the sweet scent of the blooms promise to be alluring. Pokémon who favor this area: Lele the Butterfree; Pakalōlō the Oddish; Makani the Hoppip; Wikiwiki the Taillow;

Tate's Base of Operations!

(Counterclockwise from bottom.)

The Den
The den forms the entryway into the circular maze that is Tate's arboreal abode. There is a table near the door which presumably was meant to be a place of work or study, but instead mostly serves as a catch-all for all the things Tate has emptied out of various pockets. A wooden plaque hanging on the wall issues a message of welcome to visitors in the indigenous language of the Alolan archepelago, while a table in the corner accumulates various potted plants, the care of which falls upon Makani, Pakalōlō, and Nānālā. Tate's more territorial Pokémon are known to spend time in this room, almost as if standing guard. Pokémon who favor this area: Ku'ikahi the Dodrio; Ikaika the Staravia;

The Office
This is where, arguably, Tate gets work done. The shelves are packed with binders full of paperwork and permits for the Adoption Center, as well as painfully dry scientific journals and environmental reports, most of which have something or another to do with Kalapona Wai. Even Tate's eyes have been known to glaze over when consulting these documents. Though intended for work, Tate uses the computer for quite a few leisure activities. Connected via satellite to the world wide web, it's also Tate's only real source of news and information regarding the world at large. If you need to use it, just ask; Tate will probably let you. Some of Tate's more shy Pokémon frequent this room for its quiet and seclusion. Pokémon who favor this area: Ahi the Eevee;

The Lounge
Possibly the least-used Room in Tate's home, Tate usually employs the relatively empty space for craft projects, such as knitting, painting, or otherwise creating an artistic mess. Like the rest of the plants in the house, the flora decorating this room is tended to by Nānālā et al. Arguably the coziest room in the house, many of Tate's Pókemon wile their days away dozing on the rug or sofa. Pokémon who favor this area: Pouli the Houndoom; Pena the Tyrogue;

The Greenroom
A proponent of herbal medicine, Tate set this garden up to try a hand at growing nutritional, medicinal, or otherwise therapeutic plants. Tate has a notoriously black thumb, however, and so the general upkeep has been relegated entirely to the Grass-types under Tate's care. The shelves are packed with gardening guides, manuals for the identification of plants, and more than a few books on the healing properties of various herbs, roots, and berries. If you're feeling unwell, or even just peckish, odds are that you can find something useful here. Pokémon who favor this area: Nānālā the Sunflora; Makamae the Dunsparce; Uhane the Dartrix; Kauka the Vullaby;

The Library
Books and plants -- a common theme in Tate's decorating scheme. This room takes it to a logical conclusion, though one slightly less meta than the room of plants full of books about plants. All sorts of literature packs the many shelves in this room, from guides on rocks and gemstones to comic books. A significant portion of the bibliography is devoted to either birds or the Alolan Archepelago and its language, however. There is a table set up for studying or taking notes, but it's usually too cluttered with papers and books that Tate couldn't be bothered to put away to really be functional. A handful of Tate's Pokémon seem to really enjoy this space, though it's hard to say why, as none of them possess literacy. Pokémon who favor this area: 'Alalā the Murkrow; Haawi the Delibird; Pahalo the Mandibuzz;

The Trophy Room
More of a playroom than anything, the bottom cabinet of the curio case is stuffed full of board and card games. Behind the glass doors of the upper display there are innumerable keepsakes and items of memorabilia, although few in any can really be called trophies. The table is usually covered in toys or the debris of unfinished games. Despite being an underwhelming space, Tate is confident that it will one day bear witness to the family's accomplishments. Pokémon who favor this area: Hekili the Eevee; 'Ōpio the Kangaskan; Ho'olālā the Poochyena;

The Closets
Just closets; one on either side of the den. Unremarkable. Pokémon who favor this area: None.

The Herb Garden
Initially redundant, give the larger, more versatile gardening space established just around the corner, the tidy rows of greenery in this room are, upon closer inspection, wholly unique. For one thing, they're maintained by Tate who, despite typically a harbinger of dicot doom, is unusually fastidious in their care. There's also the fact that Tate harvests the mature flowers and then stashes them... somewhere. Don't think too hard about it. There's a staircase leading up to a higher floor, but its currently blocked off by a length of rope. What could be up there? Pokémon who favor this area: Ulupi'i the Froslass; Ho'opunipuni the Tranquill;

This base is open for RP!

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