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Ho-oh Kalapona Wai: A big tree in Swiftwing Wood! [Tate's Base]

A big tree in Swiftwing Wood!

In the northeast of Kalapona Wai is Swiftwing Wood, a forest known for the unusually large number of avian species which live inside. Difficult to navigate and full of territorial wildlife, making ones way through the wood can prove to be challenging, and much of its sprawling acreage remains unexplored by the lay traveler. Deep, deep within, past innumerable twists and up countless ledges, beyond thorny bushes and tall grass, it is said that there is a big tree in a clearing, and that someone a bit eccentric has made residence inside the mighty arbor. If you're willing to make the hike -- and if you have a little guidance from some familiar aves -- you might yet discover it for yourself.

The Big Tree
A wooden sign driven into the earth outside of the big tree reads "Tate's Base of Operations". Talon marks mar the upper edge and the faint white stains of mute discolor the wood, as if a great many birds have perched upon it. A wooden ladder leads from the ground up to a small deck in the canopy of the tree, where a makeshift house has been built into the strong and ancient limbs. From the deck, you may enter the home through a wooden door, but it might be more polite if you knock first...

The Sparkling Spring
A cool spring wells up from the ground next to the big tree; the water is rich in minerals and always refreshing. It glitters like a gemstone under the light of the sun and moon, almost opalescent in its brilliance. Guests are welcome to play here to their hearts contentment. Pokémon who favor this area: Kahakai the Vaporeon; Niho the Totodile;

The Flower Field
Opposite the sparkling spring is a great expanse of vibrant, blooming wildflowers throughout most of the year. Particularly attractive to Grass- and Bug-types, the sweet scent of the blooms promise to be alluring. Pokémon who favor this area: Lele the Butterfree; Pakalōlō the Oddish; Makani the Hoppip;

Tate's Base of Operations!

(Counterclockwise from bottom.)

The Den
Pokémon who favor this area: ʻŌpio the Kangaskan; Kuʻikahi the Dodrio;

The Office
Pokémon who favor this area: ʻAlalā the Murkrow; Haawi the Delibrd;

The Lounge
Pokémon who favor this area: Pouli the Houndoom;

The Garden
Pokémon who favor this area: Makamae the Dunsparce; Wikiwiki the Taillow; Ikaika the Staravia;

The Library
Pokémon who favor this area: Uhane the Rowlet; Kauka the Vullaby; Pahalo the Mandibuzz;

The Trophy Room
Pokémon who favor this area: Pena the Tyrogue;

The Closets
Pokémon who favor this area: None.

The Herb Garden
Pokémon who favor this area: Hoʻopunipuni the Pidove;

This base is closed for RP!

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