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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Maskerade- Leaving the unconscious Rattata behind, you begin to backtrack in search of the arrow. The arrows origin was unknown, for all you knew there could be a mysterious archer watching your every move. Eventually you find the old Apricorn tree, the arrow is still firmly buried into the trunk. With a bit of effort you manage to pry the arrow free, but as soon as you do you hear a thunderous voice boom out behind you, causing you to spin around in shock.

"Hold there", you turn in shock to see a giant of a man, clad in glistening armour from head to toe. A large two handed sword rests in a sheathe on his back, he makes his way towards, his large stride allows him to close the gap quickly. Close behind the armoured man is a Metagross, the ground shakes slightly under the Steel types weight. Looking closer you notice a Riolu hiding behind the Metagross, although it seems quite timid and unsure, much unlike the man it was following. "Hand over the arrow stranger, you don't know what you're getting yourself into", the man thrusts out his hand, demanding the arrow be turned over to him. "I am Sir Bryant of the Sacred Swords, sworn protector, Château du Roi Foul. I have been tasked with the duty of pacifying the wayward Decidueye who has been reaping havoc in this area. You don't seem to be from around here, what exactly are you doing?" The knight begins to interrogate you, maybe it would be a good idea to comply? Or perhaps you would rather stand your ground?
The mighty voice caused Rorik to freeze in his tracks, arrow in hand. He'd just survived an assault by angry Gourgeist and famished Rattata, but now he'd gone and done it again. He shuddered to think what he'd find once he turned around... so he didn't.

"I-I'm s-sorry," he stammered, before clumsily placing the retrieved arrow on the floor. "I swear I'm not looking for trouble!"

At the pitiful display, Munchlax rolled his eyes, and Staryu's gem flickered faintly in embarrassment. When nothing struck him from behind, Rorik finally mustered the strength to make a 180ş turn and confront the new menace. And what a menace it was.

A giant, angry Wikstrom cosplayer. Dear me...

Fully clad in armor, gargantuan claymore in its sheathe, the knight - "Sir Bryant, protector of the Royal Fool" was it? - held out his hand demanding the arrow Rorik had just dropped. Shaking, the Professor dropped back down and picked up the arrow, before hastily placing it on the colossus's outstretched palm.

"M-my name is R-Rorik, sir. I must say, that's... that's quite the nifty c-costume you got there," he finally blurted out. Munchlax could almost see the proverbial hole digging itself deeper with each word. "I'm a Pokémon P-Professor from Heiml. In the... the north. A researcher, if you will! Just... just that. Wholly unremarkable, as you see."

What Rorik lacked in courage, he more than made up for in self-preservation. His eyes shifted from the man's angry expression, to the glistening armour, to the giant sword, and finally to the terrifying Metagross. And then, he asked the only logical thing that someone with a functioning survival instinct would ask in a similar situation.

"So, how... how do you "pacify" wayward troublemakers exactly?..."

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