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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post

The fight against one of the Lords ensues. The Shiftry, mocking and self-entitled as it may have come across before, now stands idly exuding an aura of respect, a strength that is almost palpable. Proof of this is the fact that he openly allows Cerno, Spiritus and Tengu to move first, despite their numerical advantage, as if he’s testing them to see what they can do before making a move of his own.

Cerno, the strongest in theory on account of his evolution, moves first: shaking his entire body, he unleashes a shower of cotton-like spores over the living tree; their consistency causes them to coalesce and form a fluffy coating that hinders Shiftry’s movements – when he decides to make them, anyway. However, literally burning with rage, Spiritus follows quickly by summoning a spiralling tower of violet flames, which bursts from beneath the target with intense, explosive heat. The dancing embers burn away at the wooden body of Shiftry, inflicting damage progressively, but also incinerating a good part of the cotton webbing set up by Cerno…

“Your efforts are disjointed,” says Shiftry through the smoke and flames, his voice calm and with a hint of disappointment. “You will need to do so much better.”

The Grass-Type raises both of his arms at the same time, then slams its leaf-fans down to create a devastating gale. The wind roars, twists and turns into a full-blown Hurricane which causes the much smaller Fire Spin to dissipate, and sends Cerno, Spiritus and Tengu each flying in their own direction, scattering the trio throughout the clearing with its impressive force. When the tornado finally subsides, each of Kawaii’s Pokemon is left severely injured, and all it took was a single attack by the Forest Lord. They will have to coordinate their efforts more efficiently if they want to topple such a formidable foe, who has already suffered some damage at the hands of Litwick, but is far from being vanquished…

Cerno gestured to his team, “he’s right, we need to focus our attacks.” Spiritus nodded and wandered closer “I have an idea, Lets combine our attacks! Tengu get over here.” The little seedot waddled over to his team-mates. He looked up questioningly “Yes Spiritus?”
The litwick rubbed his waxy hands together “We need to work together this time. First I want you to use bullet seed then I will use ember on them to do extra damage.”
The Seedot nodded “I wish I could do more to damage him, he hurt me in more than a physical sense.” He sighed a gasp of air that chilled those nearby him, he wished he knew a move like leech seed that would do him well. He shook off the thought and prepared his bullet seed.
After the seeds left the grass-type’s mouth at lightning speed Spiritus spat his pink flames at the seeds. The seeds burst into flames creating a pellet storm of fire.
Cerno glanced at the litwick “What should I do to help?” he thought back to what the seedot has said about wanting to cause even more pain. The grass type took a deep breath and started to use Mega Drain. Closing his eyes and sighing he drank in the health from the lord. He was doing this for his friend, his brother, his teammate. The lord had been extremely rude every single time. He disserved this punishment more than anyone, and they would get a prize out of it all.

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