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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Ribcage Mall (Ribs): To the south-east, the once-gloroius shopping district has all but collapsed into a hoodlum's haven of cracked windows, spray paint and the very home of the rebellious Ribs. Many of the stores have been long ransacked and looted, and the very air around the location is one of unease, with each corner potentially hiding a thug ready to leap out and rob you in broad daylight. The Ribs care not for domination and running the city, but rather see it as their playground and wish to expand into other locations, at the behest of their boss. Those who wish to try the life of a street gangster would do well to check the area out as they are always welcoming to new members, though crossing them will leave you in a sticky situation. Despite the state of the place, many urban pokemon have made the mall their home, enjoying the organised medley of craziness. Reply in Cyan.

In Tate's mind, they had built rapport with the Ribs; a loosely organized street gang who had taken over an abandoned shopping mall in the hellhole that was Bedlam Ridge. Tate had done so through luck, stupidity, and perseverance, having chased a Pidove -- now named Puni -- into the rafters of the building in a childish quest for love and dominance, only to come face to face with a nightmare.

Tate didn't like to dwell at the details.

Anyway, Tate had dispatched something truly terrible from the hideout of the Ribs and therefor -- perhaps naively -- Tate believed that a certain degree of tolerance would be extended to the Johto native's presence. This is why, when Tate returned to the city, the group made a beeline for Ribs territory -- it was,
in a relative sense, familiar. Better still, it was lawless; Tate was out to break rules today.

Pena -- an anthropophobic Tyrogue with a fascination for the fine arts -- walked beside his trainer through the derelict boroughs that were Rib territory. He didn't care much to be out and about, especially in such a bad looking neighborhood, but he had a trust in his trainer that had not yet been challenged, so he stuck close and remained quiet. Tate seemed less disturbed by their surroundings, looking hither and to for something specific and up to that point undiscovered.

"You'll enjoy this," Tate promised the Fighting-type. Pena looked up with curious eyes, inclined to believe the human -- typically, Tate was right about these things. "We just need to find a nice wall..."

Like a jewel, it came into view -- tall, slate gray, solid concrete: the southeastern wall of the Ribcage Mall. Did they have the Poké Balls to deface Ribs property? Well, why not? The place was already trashed, and they were going to do real art! None of that tagging nonsense. Yeah, it should be okay... right?

Tate and Pena crossed the parking lot; before they had even reached the shadow of the building the trainer was digging through the canvas tote bag slung over one shoulder, producing cans of spray paint. Pulling the lid off of a can of turquoise paint, Tate handed it to Pena, taking a moment to adjust it in his hands.

"Like this," the would-be vandal explained, helping him to depress the nozzle. Paint rushed out of the can with a long his, staining the cinder block exterior. Pena's eyes lit up at the magical color device; as soon as he was released from his trainer's guiding grasp he set about streaking the wall. Tate laughed.

"I have other colors, too," Tate assured, beginning to work in yellow until the vague image of a Pichu came into shape. Pena's art was more abstract, but if one tilted ones head, one might almost think it looked like a Totodile...

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