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The Underbelly of Sin
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You go down towards the intersection, looking to see if perhaps there might be something more interesting than just more doors down the other hallways. Unfortunately, that's all you find. Just another hallway that looks like it could be endless as well. Even more despairingly, you're pretty sure there are even more intersections further down! This place is probably a literal underground labyrinth, impossible to navigate without knowing where you are going. Of course, maybe its really not what it seems? There is no way these hallways could be endless, of course, that would defy the laws of physics. You try to see if there is anything else worth looking at, any gleam of information that would make things more interesting, when suddenly you see one of the doors open.

A Rhydon walks out, and turns to the left, going down the hallway some distance before entering another door. You estimate that's probably about twenty doors down from the first one, although from this distance its a little hard to accurately pinpoint it. You're at least thankful that the Rhydon didn't notice you; it probably wouldn't be the negotiating type anyways. However, if it came out of a door, that must mean there is something in there obviously. Maybe that would be worth checking out? Of course, there could be more security as well.

What will you do?
Aiden wandered down towards the intersection as most of the others focused their efforts on that first corridor, assuming that everyone would (hopefully) eventually meet up to exchange info before the night raid. Otherwise, he'd just be working off what he could find himself and, with no Pokémon to his name, that could be...somewhat difficult.

He glanced around once he reached the intersection and made a face at the sight of another corridor lined with closed doors. That was...annoying. And a bit worrying. Especially if those were more intersections he was seeing past the doors. What was this place, a labyrinth? Who had the money for that kind of thing? For a moment, he wondered if the corridors might be endless, but he quickly shook the thought away. That probably wasn't the case because physics. Probably.

He gave the hallways another look, trying to pick out anything interesting, out of the ordinary, or suspicious so he'd at least have some direction, and spotted a door opening in one of the hallways. Immediately, he hid behind the nearest corner, peeking around it to watch a Rhydon walk out, turn left, walk a bit, and enter a different door. He waited maybe a minute, listening hard for any other footsteps, before taking a deep breath and heading down that same hallway.

It looked like the Rhydon had entered a door maybe twenty doors down from the one it'd exited? He wandered over to its approximate location, looking for any distinguishing marks, before heading back to the door it'd left from and frowning thoughtfully at it. Should he risk it? There could be another Rhydon in there and he definitely wouldn't bet on him if that were the case. On the other hand, it had to have had a reason for being in the room in the first place.

Making a face to himself, Aiden carefully turned the handle and eased the door open, hoping that the door was quiet enough that any occupants wouldn't notice it opening again. If it was occupied and he was spotted, he was closing it as fast as he could and bolting away from the rest of the group. If it was occupied and he wasn't spotted, he was definitely closing it as quietly as he could. If it wasn't occupied, he was slipping in there, so he could close the door behind him and take his time investigating.

Otherwise? He was just crossing his fingers that he didn't trip any alarms and that his excuse would work if he got a chance to use it.
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