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Playing: Breath of the Wild (15ish hours)

It's good that this game is fun and does a lot of neat things, because the weapon durability system is fucking dumb as shit.

As the two of you who actually read my long-winded Pickup/Play rants know, I spend a non-trivial amount of time thinking about game mechanics and their implementation because I am a joyless curmudgeon who puts everything through the wringer of over-analysis until only a tasteless gristle remains. That said, I can't come up with any rationale for durability as implemented that doesn't feel like a Rube Goldberg-style answer to choices made elsewhere in the game's design that already have their own kludgy fixes applied (e.g. countering the ability to spam healing items by scaling mobs such that even some Bokoblins in the tutorial area can one-shot you). There were so many ways to encourage variety in weapon choices (elemental effects, random boosts, etc. beyond the obvious differences in weapon types and base damage), and this is what they went with? Fallout 3 had durability, but 1)you could repair the cool guns that you liked and wanted to keep and 2)they lasted longer than half a goddamn encounter before disintegrating.

Jim Sterling was right: I have never been less excited to loot a cool sword in a game before, which is almost impressive in its absurdity.
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