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(OOC: This is going to be split up into a few points of view, which will be labeled.)


Seeing the immediate unfolding action of everything turn out to mean so little against the Ledian's array of Shadow Moves was disconcerting. What certainly didn't help matters wasseeibg the reaches of Shadow Panic reach her Trainer. The reaction was immediate-with a small yelp, Heather was immediately seated on the ground, curled up as tightly as they could manage, whimpering in sheer terror. Grace couldn't imagine what she was seeing, but she knew this had to get over with fast. And with the Pawniard copying her Ability to help run interference, Grace knew immediately who had to go first.

Just one problem-she didn't exactly have the moves to take this thing on herself now. Then...she had an idea. It would be a stretch, but if it worked...time to add a touch of betrayal to this brew! But first...

"EVERYONE! The Pawniard's Defiant is gone-let loose the debuffs!" the Emolga called out to the Trainers present.

But now, her plan was going into motion. She made a careful approach to Stewie directly, before tapping into a technique she almost felt guilty for using. Keyword: almost. Grace let loose the cloud of pheromones endemic to her Fatal Attraction attack in hopes of charming Stewie. Then, she turned to the other.

"OI! Think you can just copy my Ability and run!? Not happening! You and me, now!" Grace called to Ginny, taking a ready stance before the Pawniard, ready to make a show of a battle with a Quick Attack once Ginny engaged. If Fatal Attraction managed to charm Stewie, perhaps that charm would motivate him to "save" her from this losing taking out his own backup!

And it


Ryuko watched as the battle began to unfold, crying out as Circe became confused and thus of little use. Grace suddenly went off to Stewie and then just after decided to challenge the other one. Well then, if Grace wanted to take care of the scary sharp lady, it was up to her and her massive accumulated buffs to zap Stewie into submission! She connived just a bit longer, adding another Nasty Plot to her array of offensive buffs, before taking a running start, leaping into the air at Stewie...

"Hey jerkface! Eat this!"

Ryuko gave a loud battle cry as she loosed a bordering on point-blank Shock Wave at the Ledian. What came next hardly mattered-this had to be a big hit, right?

Either way, time to get up close and personal.


The green room. The hazy memory of this place was not new. The vision of her father standing there, the curdled, distorted, forgotten voice ordering that fateful move...

"flAMe BUrSt..."

Terror flowed through her veins once more. Old terror, years old, resuscitated, brought back from the grave to haunt. But then it got worse. The memory began to warp.


Wait, what? Heather looked for the source of the speaker, only to see Miss Elesa...but it was as if her father's face had supplanted the original, a grotesque abomination forcing her Zebstrika to add wild strikes of lightning to the burning mix. Heather curled up on the floor in terror, squeezing her eyes shut. It had to pass eventually...right?
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