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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Roserade

Refer to the previous description of Roserade's domain here. Additionally, you may find the location of your next riddle in this section of the post. Good luck!

The dancing men around Rotom and Drew only got faster and flashier with their moves. The two quickly discuss a plan before Drew is suddenly grabbed by the hand and whisked into the dance himself, sent twirling down the line of orange shirted performers. At the end of the line they spin him the other way, laughing and singing along to the song. Taking advantage of its ghostly abilities, Rotom easily floated into the group of men and past their fast-moving legs. It plucked the blade from its place in the ground and headed out back to Drew, who was now recovering form dizziness on the ledge of a nearby fountain. The water rushed out of the mouth of a sculpted Buizel, landing in a round, clear pool. Upon reaching its trainer, the piece of grass was no longer in Rotom’s possession. Rotom could of course pass through anything as a ghost, but grass was still tied to this world. The answer to their riddle lay in the middle of the field, being stomped all over by dancing feet. The music came to an abrupt stop. At the table with the speakers and laptop, the tech staff continued to bicker about who was responsible. The dancers finished in a prepared posed, then jogged back off the field as if nothing had happened. One headed straight for Drew and his Pokemon, passing off some kind of paper into his lap. Drew took a moment to regain his senses, then took a look at the envelope he had been given.

Inside was a wrinkled paper that had the following:

What runs around the whole yard without moving?

Please post your reply by August 27th. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.


That could have gone better.

Pros: They technically got the blade of grass, stopped inwardly cursing having to get a singular blade of grass, and got a new clue.


Drew just slumped back against the sculpted Buizel. Wet and continually poured on he may be, but at least in this fountain pool he wasn't dragged into random dancing. Man, he must be getting old; the him of years past wouldn't have even questioned it and joined right in.

Tingles down his left arm suddenly jolted Drew from his musing as Rotom strayed too close, peering down at the new clue as if hoping to psychically discern the riddle hidden inside. On second thought, maybe staying in water around the living plasma was a bad idea. Pulling himself up and out, Drew flopped onto the grass, water that had clung to his sweatshirt and jeans pooling under him. At an impatient urge from Rotom, Drew tore open the clue envelope, only slightly damp by this point. A single slip of paper floated out onto his lap, much like the first go-round. With a loose grip, so as to not get it any wetter than it had to be, Drew held it up for the rowdy Rotom.

"What runs around the whole yard without moving?" the Ghost-type read aloud. "Well, flip that around and it could mean me. Y'know moving without running. Cause I float."

More than a little done with this scavenger hunt already, it was surprising Drew didn't pull something as hard as he rolled his amber eyes. "I highly doubt they would put a clue that points to you, Rotom"

"Well if it's not me then what? It's pretty hard to run without moving. Not that y'know, I've ever ran. Floating and all."

"Stop trying to make a running gag or joke or whatever you're doing. And it's not going to be literal. Riddles are never literal unless it's being literally ironic. Ironically literal. Whatever." He lay backwards, waving the point away. Squinting up into the sky, Drew raised an arm to block out the sun. "So, what runs around a yard - or more accurately, because wordplay, what encircles a yard?"

Rotom paused for a beat, thinking it over. "A fence?"

Drew took the idea and ran it through his mind. Yeah, that'd work. And just about par for what seems to be this scavenger hunt's course given the first thing. "Yeah, sounds about right."

The plasma Pokémon did a little circle mid-air, taking in the yard. "...This is going to be another search every inch thing isn't it."

With a smirk, Drew gave a little two-finger salute up at the Ghost-type. "Godspeed, Rotom. Godspeed."

All that got was a glower and an "I hate you sometimes." Still, Rotom ventured away with a huff towards the nearest stretch of fence, ready to do a full lap of the yard if it took that.

"No you don't!" Drew called out after him with a chuckle that segued into a sigh. Staying still on the ground, he eventually decided he'd put off getting up enough, and struggled to his feet. After a moment of stretching his sore muscles, he hobbled towards the stupid blade of grass to pick it up. Who knows if they need to keep the clue-things - he kind of hoped not if the fence-clue was as exact as this grass turned out to be - but better safe than sorry.
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