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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post
War of the Roses

Team Roserade

Refer to the previous description of Roserade's domain here. Additionally, you may find the location of your next riddle in this section of the post. Good luck!

As soon as Eileen hears the word ‘allergic’, she quickly closes the case of Ragecandybars and her demeanor changes. The woman’s bright smile become a stern, thin line. Then a look of horror spreads across her face. Her numbers were already low this month, and there was no way she could risk a potential lawsuit at this point. Aiolia starts to cough as convincingly as possible. Eileen backs away from the suddenly sick Litleo. She started to feel sick to her stomach. Were allergies contagious?

“Terribly sorry. I have to go.” The business woman avoids making any further eye contact with Seiko. She pulls out a business card to hand over, but then realizes that she doesn’t want to give any evidence. If this girl and her Pokemon suffocated to death right in front of her, she would be outed as the culprit right away. Now she was feeling light headed. Was it getting hot in here? “I was never here. Goodbye.” Eileen stutters out. In pointed heels that sink into the soft earth of the garden, she scurries away. The woman makes it to a picket-fence, and skillfully scales it. The Litleo and his trainer finally get a chance to approach the flowers they were after. Seiko realizes that they have now entered a large section of tulips in different shades of purple and blue. The flowers create a neat square, with a blank patch of grass in the middle. Aiolia spots an envelope gently placed in the center, and retrieves it for his trainer. Inside the envelope is a slip of paper that reads:

My head bobs lazily in the sun.
You think I’m cute,
For my face is yellow,
My hair is white,
and my body is green.

Please post your reply by August 27th. After coming up with an answer to the riddle, state the answer in your response and which area you plan to explore.

Seiko blinked in the wake of the dust Eileen kicked up in her retreat. The whole display left her mildly dazed and, well, bemused. She snorted in triumph and marched forward.


The young woman barely paid the tulips mind as she basked in self-satisfaction a few moments before a gentle nudge to her shin returned her to her senses. Glancing downwards, she found Aiolia leaping from paw to paw with glee. Upon meeting his trainer's gaze, he halted and dutifully presented her with an envelope--doubtless, the next clue! Seiko thought.

"Thanks, Aiolia! Great job." Seiko squatted down to pet the Little Cub, who deposited the slip into the young woman's hand. Her countenance turned sour as she scanned the page. She straightened, scratching her chin.

"Yellow face... white hair... green body," Seiko hummed to herself. "Sounds like another flower to me. What do you think, Aiolia?" The Litleo yipped in accord, his expression brilliant and determined.

Seiko cast her glance right and left. "Alright, I think I know what specimen we're supposed to look for this time around. Do you know what a daisy is? They're simple little things, with petals spread out like this..." she placed her palms against her ears and fanned out her fingers wide in a manner she hoped would best convey the flower's actual appearance. "Though they do come in other colors, I can't think of anything else that matches the description."

"Leo!" Aiolia nodded.

Seiko smiled. "There must be daisies out here in the flower fields. Do you recall passing anything that resembled what I just described?"
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