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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Jayson was excited to see the battle begin just as he had imagined it. While Spartacus had taken a couple hits, both the Scyther and Trieu were still standing strong as they faced off against the smaller Karrablast and Kricketot. While the Kricketot stood there motionless and Bided its time, Jayson found it more strategic to not add fuel for the cricket to retaliate with and turned his focus to the plucky Karrablast. Aiming to team up on the rhinoceros beetle, Jayson called for Trieu and Spartacus to attack Karrablast together.

Now that it was surrounded, Karrablast’s eyes narrowed as Spartacus began to Focus his Energy while Trieu Leered at him menacingly. If his opponents weren’t going to make the first move, then Karrablast decided that he would strike while he had the chance. Leaping forward, Karrablast struck Spartacus with another Fury Cutter, and although it was still a relatively weak strike, it was twice as strong as before. Spartacus leaned forward and sunk his teeth into Karrablast’s shell for a Bug Bite before Karrablast leapt forward into Trieu, hitting her with an even stronger Fury Cutter as she simultaneously stabbed it with her tail for a Poison Sting.

Karrablast winced, but this one was a fighter, as he leapt off of Trieu and back into Spartacus for yet another Fury Cutter. Despite resisting the attack, Spartacus let out an anguished cry, as the slashes were really beginning to accumulate and grow in power. Holding his scythes back as they began to glow green, Spartacus slashed forward, hitting Karrablast with a Dual Chop while Trieu snuck up from behind and hit him with a Feint Attack.

“Tot!” a cry suddenly called out from across the clearing. Kricketot was finally ready to unleash his attack, and couldn’t take watching Karrablast get ganged up on any longer. Glowing a dark red, Kricketot fired off a beam of energy as its Bide attack knocked Trieu off of Karrablast. While the power of the attack wasn’t terribly strong, it was still impactful enough for Trieu to feel it a decent amount.

Karrablast had taken quite a beating this round, but it was far from ready to give up the fight. Trieu had taken a decent hit while the damage on Spartacus as beginning to accumulate as well, although he was still doing better than Karrablast. As Kricketot was now ready to rejoin the battle, it was up to Jayson how to order his Pokemon next.
Jayson knew something was off when the Karrablast kept landing Fury Cutters with ease. The attack grew more powerful over time but its accuracy normally prevented it from reaching full power. This Karrablast wasn't experiencing this issue and Jayson knew why, No Guard. It was rare for a Karrablast to have it but this one certainly did and with the power it was building it was fast becoming a threat. The Kricketot's Bide had burst, dealing a relatively weak blow to Trieu who managed to take it like a champion. They had to eliminate the Karrablast now, Jayson knew he had to do something he really didn't want to.

"Alright Spartacus the Karrablast is yours to finish, hit it with a Return, then Shadow Break. Spartacus looked back at him, an apprehensive look in his eyes. They had stumbled upon the move during their time in Bedlam, it was a memento of the carnage they had inflicted. They only used the move sparingly, but the Karrablast was proving tougher than he thought it would, it needed to be dealt with. "If it still isn't down go for one more Bug Bite." Now he had to think about Trieu. The Skorupi had taken its first couple of blows and was holding up relatively fine. He knew she was tough but whether she could withstand a prolonged beating was questionable. The best thing for her would be to concentrate on the Kricketot and hope that the Karrablast ignores her in favour of targetting the more threatening Spartacus. "Trieu, Leer at the Kricketot then a double batch of Poison Stings at it."

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