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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
TheKnightsFury: Your group had stumbled across a group of Shinx playing with a rather beautiful and bright shining ball in the otherwise dim cave. Knowing full well it would be rude to just take the item from under their noses, you put your heads together and attempt to come up with a plan of action. Spartacus has begun to learn how to properly act like a leader and asks his two female companions for their opinions on the matter. The Senret thinks that it might be wise to play with the young cubs, come up with a wager for the item.

It seemed like a great idea, especially with your vague knowledge of a human game called soccer. Your trio approaches the Shinx and asks if they would like to play a game for their ball. The Shinx looks confused at first, but their assumed leader --- a larger Shinx with a very special coloration glances at your trio and then at his two companions.

"We found this fair and square mister... but if you think you can beat us, maybe we'll give it to you." He smirks and looks at his two friends. "There's three of you and three of us, but we have a bit of a stipulation. One of you can fly," The lead Shinx pointed to Spartacus. "You have to stay on the ground to make a fair." It seemed like a fair idea, it was nothing too much to ask.

"There's two holes on either side of this clearing," A female voice piped up. "They're not very deep but that's how we'll keep score. One of you will have to guard it and make sure nothing gets in." With a nod to her companions she dashed over to the left side of the field, guarding her team's goal.

One of your companions will have to be on goal, who will it be? What do you do?
At first it didn't seem the Shinx were up for a game but eventually they laid down some rules and the game was set. However they made a restriction, Spartacus wasn't allow to fly for the duration of the match. That seemed fair to him and he didn't need to fly to be competitive. Working on his leadership skills, Spartacus asked the girls for their opinions on who should guard their goal.

"I think you should Spartacus", Boudicca quickly replies, "you should be able to block the ball with your scythes and you have a keen eye and reflexes." Spartacus smiled, he was going to suggest that he go goalie, but having the Mudbray make the decision for him would make her more compliant.

"Agreed", chimes Khutulun, the Sentret had a playful grin on her face."Boudicca your powerful kicks will be really helpful and I think I should be able to make some good strikes with my tail, I think we have a good shot here."

With the team in agreeance they moved into position. Spartacus made his way towards their goal. He took a prepared stance and began to Focus his Energy. Khutulun was putting her keen eye to good use, assessing her opponents as they moved into position. She moved to the centre of the field, nearest the ball. She would try to get the ball to Boudicca before moving in towards the goal. Boudicca was ready as well, she knew her role was to use her powerful kicks to either score goals or get the ball to Khutulun so the Sentret could strike with her tail.

"We're ready when you are", shouted Spartacus as he stood ready to defend their goal.

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