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After a bout of blows Ramoth finally concede, although Jayson could tell Jormungand was just as, if not more exhausted. The Gyarados's job wasn't done yet however. Ramoth retreated back into her cave to roost and Jormungand quickly followed her, his giant body quickly disappears into the depths of the cave.

"Yeah I agree, we should probably give them some time", laughed Jayson. The pair of trainers set up camp in the nearby forest, there was no way of telling how long the pair would be in each others company. Jayson managed to get a small fire crackling and the two of them sat there waiting, occasionally hearing a gentle roar coming from the cave. "So if all goes well, we should end up with my Charmander egg", Gary had agreed to let him collect the first egg if they were successful."I managed to acquire the incense from a market during my travels, once we have confirmation on the first egg we can toss the incense in and see if the stuff actually works."

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