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Ramoth grit her teeth as she held Jormungand’s tail after being knocked backwards by it. The enraged Gyarados began to thrash about, letting his inner rage take over and control his actions. She spat a plume of Embers knowing that it was finally time to take things seriously. Ramoth flapped her wings viciously, the aftershock slicing through the air for an Air Slash which Jormungand shrugged off as he slammed into Ramoth’s side. Her claws glowed green as she slashed his side with a Dragon Claw, but the Gyarados continued his uncontrollable assault.

Gary nodded at Jayson’s comments, adding on, “Yeah, but it looks like she’s finally starting to tire out. This could be it!” Ramoth beat her wings once again, lifting herself high into the air outside of Jormungand’s reach. As she flew up to a safe enough altitude, the Charizard attempted to catch her breath before preparing to Fly back down for a final assault. She tucked in her wings and let gravity do the work, dive-bombing Jormungand before spreading her wings at the last minute to catch herself, landing on the Gyarados with a powerful kick, hopefully enough to knock him out of his Outrage.

Finally getting off of him and landing on her own two feet, Ramoth let out an exhausted sigh. Not wanting to keep this up anymore, she relented. Giving Jormungand one last look, she slowly made her way back into the cave, where she lay in wait to Roost and recover her energy. “Well, I think it’s over…” Gary mumbled, watching the light of Ramoth’s flame disappear into the cavern. “I guess it’s all up to Jormungand now. We can probably just check in on them later,” Gary said with a chuckle.
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